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my 2 year old crapsman rototiller, used only on my home garden, first year started making a terrible noise, under warranty, stopped at the lakewood ny store where i bought it. they sent the repair man out a week and a half later, he listened, said it needed a new transmission, he would order it ,have it sent to me then i conntact him to fix it.

the whole process took over a month during growing season, this year the main stem that comes up to the handle w/all the controls broke, i took a picture to the store, dept mgr. looked at, no sympathy, bring it in ,pay 29.95 and they would give me an estimate of repairs, i feel this is a design fault, also the tines bend and break easily, 16.00 each, and i pay postage to have them delivered to the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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