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I bought snowblower model 247.886910 which has a built in headlight in the handle assembly and retails for $1099.00. I used it the first time it snowed about 5 days later and found that the headlight did not work.

Upon further inspection the bulb and wiring is missing and there is just *** where you would screw the bulb into. I spent hours on the phone multiple times, sent them pictures of the built in headlight and there final answer was this model does not come with a headlight. I then opened a BBB complaint and there first response is the same answer...this model does not have a headlight. I just sent them a response along with the pictures again.

This is ridiculous. After reading online it appears other people have had the same issue with this model. I want a snowblower with a working headlight and for sears to say it doesnt have one when it clearly does, instead of offering to send out a repairman or swap out my blower for another unit they just keep saying it doesnt have a headlight.

I will see what their next BBB response is. All along, I have asked that I either have someone come out and get the headlight working, or deliver a replacement blower with a working headlight.

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That Dash Assy.with Headlight Lens may be used on other Units that have the related wiring Harness and Engine Lighting Coil,Appears that Model was not designed to illuminate.They should have used blank filler piece instead of Lens if that was the case.Check illustrated Parts in Owners Manual.If Parts not listed they are not part of that Machine