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This review, albeit obtuse in some regards, is being written before I go into my employment assignment this morning. I have the beauty of having a flexible schedule, so I can both monitor and engage actively whilst working. (My employer is amazing and incredible, to say the least).

In lieu of such an introduction, let me be brief and to the point. Advocacy and assistance are contingent upon one's own ethos and moral character, due to and based upon the conditions and the problems each of you are facing in this battle with Sears and SHC. If you don't believe deep within you that you as a consumer that YOU can be a voice, a solution and an enormous help to those around you, then please stay out of the fight. Consider your elders and youths who rely upon each of you to see the actual reflection of who you really are. If you can't fight for yourself, at least fight for those who are suffering in silence, and be the vehicle of change that benefits everyone as a CONSUMER and PURVEYOR.

My adopted grandmother always told me long before I could walk up until the day of her death was this: "You tell me who you hang around with, and I will tell you exactly WHO and WHAT you are."

Given the nature and the scope of what is before us all, evaluate, assess and formulate exactly where the problem about the situation is at this very moment. Complaining won't get far, anyone can do that. Do something about it. Your overall WIn against Sears takes the determination to be a part of the change to have them be responsible for what is presently occurring. They have to OWN IT, just like we do at their incredulous and obnoxious behaviors as a result.

Hold SHC and Sears RESPONSIBLE. Anyone can jump on board, but do you have the character, integrity and ethics to do something about it? Only EACH of YOU can answer that.

What this all boils down to is this: This situation directly involves you and your money. Just as you select your clothes and accessories, chose your thoughts and strategies that STRIKE back at them. (Old Union memories for the AFL-CIO, but still ACTIVE, nonetheless ---TRUE!). Use your words carefully, but substantially and effectively. Encourage others to stay well away from anything related to Sears. Word of mouth is devastating, and that is what SEARS is relying on while they ride this whole thing to their bank(s), to have you complain without having to be directly involved. Cease entertaining fantasy, as this whole fiasco is MARKETING and a money maker for them. Use every tool and resource available to you. Have others assist you where you cannot.

Be THE CHANGE ;) Don't wait for others to do it for you. The Civil Rights Movement proves that. The selfless sacrifices they and all of our military personnel are engaged in world wide is for that freedom of speech. As a result, How Will You Use Your Voice?

SHC uses a company, based in INDIA (where the company is actually located) called [24/7] ai. Not much is known about them apart from their You Tube page....however, they are the actual physical entity who handles ALL of Sears SHC correspondence and related dealings.... (e.g. email, phone systems, etc). They even handle their payment and monitoring systems. (Big Oh Oh). That is how one way an LLC works. True, TRUE FACT.

This caveat, in nomenclature, was discovered whilst I investigating this mess while assisting my mother....and I FOUND and DISCOVERED far much more than they realize. Another testimony for another day.... lol. Flooding emails to SHC works, until their data bank for their reception concludes as an "Unmonitored email site/extention". Keep at it, because the Bounce Back is your proof of the inconsistency and lack of human bodies to curb and curtail them. Your thoughts and angst are prayers, and where your thoughts take you, your feet follow.

If I can be of ANY ASSISTANCE to any of you, please message me herein, and I will help you obtain some relief. It is my honor and privilege to work for you, assist you and stand for you.

Rash Adelie Penquin ;)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Obtusiveness.

I didn't like: Lack of moral character and ethical conduct.

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