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  • Oct 19, 2016
  • #939765

Four year old refrigerator and now that our warranty is up the sucker cannot be fixed.Told by two repairmen that Sears will replace our refrigerator since it was unable to be fixed.Sears has transfered our phone to every department who cant help us get our problem solved.Sad part is we have all Sears appliances in our house SEARS SUCKS

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 12, 2016
  • #899457

Warranty service BS with Sears Just had a service call on a 5 year warranty program on grill and Sears says because it is Rusty we will not honor your warranty I can see why they're about to go out of business

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I went to the Sears website to order and iPad because I wanted something light I could use I in the hospital post surgery. The site advertised an iPad Air 4 but when I clicked to place it in my basket it came up as the iPad 3. I then went to the customer service chat to get help. The person who began chatting was called Payne. I asked Payne to confirm and Payne confirmed that I would get the iPad Air 4 for the advertised price. My plan was to... Read more

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We purchased a protection plan on hopes to protect our product from any issues that may arise, boy was a wrong. We have had the technician to our house 5 times now, repairing the same issues on our washer. I have been without my washer for 7 weeks. I have a toddler who goes through tons of clothes. I am depending on family to help wash our clothes and it's just extremely stressful and a huge burden. After the technician leaves he tells us to... Read more

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Why do you treat customers more as adversaries than appreciated customers? I purchased both a riding mower and new fridge this year from Sears. When purchasing the fridge I paid additional for removal of my old fridge. During delivery the driver stated he did not have room in his truck for removal. How is it possible to remove a new fridge from truck and not have room for another fridge of same size? This is a mystery. He stated that they... Read more

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Service tech came out; said $399 to fix washer and would put parts on order; all other charges would be under warranty. We wrote a check; the parts arrived and took a total of 3 weeks to get someone here. The new service techs said that it was not covered and wanted an additional $899 for a total of approx $1300. A new machine costs that. We said no and they said Sears will refund except for $79 trip fee but they said call customer service... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 17, 2014
  • #558798

Sears delivered Damaged Packaged Refrigrator therefore did not complete delivery. Customer care No communication with customer it will take 7 - 10 days for refund but took my payment within 1 second. This is why SEARS is going out of business all makes Sense Now. What a Joke for a store get better from local Flea Market:(

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I would like to know how Sears can give a credit card to a 25 year old with one year work history who owns nothing and NOT to someone who has held the same job for 33 years, has paid off a house mortgage,vacation house mortgage,paid off business building mortgage, owes nothing on credit and has saved over $750,000 in 401k and owns rental property with incomes. WTF? Who is the better credit risk here????? They can't even explain it on the... Read more

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All I wanted is to buy a shoe, which cost 60 dollars, the representative said i gt 20 dollar discount for the card. I fell for it, today I REGRET that moment. now i have 90 day late payment of 189 dollars, I never even received the card. my CREDIT SCORE got affected by 90 points. Never ever will i get another RETAIL card in my life I CAUTION everyone on buy SEAR CREDIT CARD in the name of discount. SEAR CARDS cheat customers big time, they never... Read more

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With Official Company Response

SEARS MAY BE THE WORST APPLIANCE SOURCE? -2 appliance purchases within last 15 months (dishwasher, refrigerator) -Multiple failures on each -3x same problem with Dishwasher, still not repaired -long wait time for service tech (1-2 weeks each repair), total wait time 5 weeks in past 3 months -without use of Dishwasher for 5 weeks in past 3 months -Repairs failed first time on both Refrig (Samsung) and dishwasher (Kenmore) -Repairs failed second... Read more

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