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Similar Issues?? Reach me at 1) Per Exhibit A, I purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator, Model 79572053110, on August 13, 2011 with delivery and possession happening in early October. Although the refrigerator was expected for delivery in mid-September, it was just out of manufacturing in August 11 and not available until an adjusted date in late September with delivery actually occurring in October 2011. I was away on the... Read more

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  • Oct 11, 2016
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In sears the san antonio tx I pay $1026.70 for the incomplete service

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I ordered a whirlpool dishwasher on 06/30/2016 expected delivery and installation date 7/2/2016 by Roy Feagley installation. No call no show. On 7/5/2016 after returning home from the holiday. I called to status the delivery and installation. The Sears rep who was clearly overseas and could barely understand my English said that she could not get in touch with installer. I called multiple times to installed with no answer. I called Sears to see... Read more

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Sears is the worst company In the WORLD!!!!!!! .... I went It the store to buy a washer and dryer .The rep told me the only way to get free delivery is buy it online. So we went to put the order in with the rep .a old address from another state came up we updated that information submitted the order and It changed it back to the old address the rep tried to change it and it wouldn't change. So he called sears to cancel the order an they gave... Read more

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I bought my mom a washer and dryer. They didn't need one of the hoses so it was returned and I still haven't received the refund. The washer and dryer was delivered on December 17th 2015. I've talked to two people saying they're going to get me my refund and that they received the part back that they did not need. I could have something for 2 years from Walmart and take it back and there would be no questions! Don't ever shop there! The worst... Read more

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I ordered two blow dryers to be delivered before Christmas. on December 23, the order arrived but the box was completely destroyed. One of the blow dryers was missing altogether and the remaining blow dryer had box damage within the delivery box. After an hour on the phone, a new order was replaced, paid for again, and I was guaranteed the order was available for pick-up at a store location on December 24, in time for Christmas. The second... Read more

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I called in a Tuesday and scheduled the next available appt for the following Friday. They scheduled the appt window from 3-6. No one called or arrived. I called at 7:00 to see what happened and the customer service agent said e would find out and call me within 30 minutes. I never got a call back. I again called on Saturday and the agent told me the next available appt would be the following Friday. Will never use Sears Home Services again.... Read more

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  • Mar 16, 2015
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Worst customer service. Old lady's are so slow at the register. Like they don't really care of course they have all day. 5 people in line. Been in line for 35 minutes that's ridiculous. Sears at fort worth Texas inside hulen mall please update ya's customer service guys.

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If your order was not correct.Then I would say that this is your fault.You yourself placed the order correct?How does one place an order for an King Size mattress set and Order only one box spring Duh.This say's a lot about the person placing the order.Where do you get off placing the blame on someone else?You should be happy they did not ship this one box spring along.Hopefully you learn to read and Pay more attention to detail the next time... Read more

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Purchased a washer & dryer from Sears in January and for 3-4 months everything was fine. Then the nightmare begins. I have spent more time on the phone with them and taken more days off of work to wait on a technician to come out. First time the technician came out and fixed the problem and said there was a design flaw with the specific model and we should try and get a new one. Second time they scheduled it (under the wrong name and model)... Read more

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