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Stay away from Sears in Hackensack

This is to let you know how terrible the service at the Sears store in Hackensack, NJ is. On a recent Wednesday, I purchased a TV there for $3,284.88 . The sales person, Alfredo, promised delivery for Thursday; nothing came, so I called, and they promised again for Friday.

Delivery came on Friday. When they guy was installing the TV (I had to pay an installation fee, too), he told me that the TV was not working, and he would take it back and return with a new one. I called the delivery department; they told me I would have to call the store. I decided to cancel the order as I was really unhappy with the service.

I called the store, and they made me wait for a good fifteen minutes. When a person named Jeff finally answered the phone, he told me he would have to call me back because he couldn't use that phone to speak with me. When he called back, he told me he would give me a $135 credit if I did not cancel the order and accepted the delivery for Saturday. I accepted, but unfortunately, once again, the delivery never came.

Monday was a holiday, so I called the delivery department and was told it was not their problem but the store's. The installation delivery rep told me that the TV was going to be replaced. Replaced! I have no TV in my house! What were they going to replace?

I called the store again, but nobody answered. I decided to go there in person; I was sent to several different people, but after a lot of being pushed around, a guy called Mohammed appeared saying he was not able to help me because the two managers were not there. After finding out I was asking for a refund, Mohammed started ignoring me and talking to other customers; then he disappeared entirely. I found him drinking coffee instead of taking care of me!

I continued waiting. Another young lady indicated to me where the supposed "manager" was. This guy told me he couldn't do anything about the refund because he was busy handling "other matters." He had the same young girl take all my information so that he could process my refund right after he finished, and then he would call me back. He never called back.

Surprisingly, Alfredo, the sales person, called me and asked about helping me with the TV. When I told him about my entire ordeal, he said he did not know anything about the refund; as the last straw, he told me it was Sharp's fault, not Sears'!

So I'm still here waiting for a refund with my money at Sears and no TV set. This is after more than one week, ten phone calls and two long visits to the store. One wonders why these employees do not care anymore about the store in Hackensack. Is it because the Sears-Kmart brand is already too damaged? Is the company so out of control that they are literally holding onto refund money to make their quota to mitigate their loses? This approach is only going to accelerate Sears-Kmart's agony.

I recommend you to stay away from the Sears in Hackensack, NJ as they seem to have lost their sense of value in customer service. If you do decide to shop there, I want you to know what to expect from the experience.

Monetary Loss: $3284.

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