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We called Srevice Magic about kitchen resurfacing the doors on our kitchen cabinets and drawers. The sales man was great and the product looked great. The problem is getting the subcontractor from Lubbock to get the order up here and installed. Carol from Dallas called and scheuduled them to be here on June 21, 2010. When they weren't hear by late afternoon I called her and she wa surprissed. She tried to contact Bobbie on his cell phone but got not answer. She rescheduled us for the next week June 28. I haven't been able to get an answer from Carol since, on either her bussiness phone or her cell phone. Bobby had been full of excues including he didn't want to bring the order up in the rain would not get a tarp for his picukup. The cabinets are made of melamine and water won'r hurt them!

Tuesday July 13th they finally showed up and left all the doors and drawer parts in our laundry room. That leaves much of the walkway only 12" wide. I'm having back problems and haven't fallen yet but have stubbed my foot several times.

On Tue July 13 Bobby said Clay would be there Wed morning at 9 or 9:30. Bobby said the job would be done by Friday night even if they had to work late. Of course, come Wed morning no Clay. Around noon I called Bobby and he says Clay had a delivery to make and he'd call Clay and have Clay call me. A few hours later Clay calls, he's in New Mexico and I think he's lost. He called this morning and said he didn't know what his sheduule was but would call me when he found out. Haven't heard from him yet. Around noon I called Bobby and asked if my kitchen would still be finished by tomorron night. He says he's not here. I said "No one's here!" He said he'd call Clay and call back in 30 minutes. Still haven't heard from either one.

For those that don't know Texas, I'm in Amarillo the northern Panhandle of the state with NM and Ok on either side and CO above us. Lubbuck is 120 miles south of us. Dallas (where Carol is) is about 400 miles from us.

The cabinet fronts look great, I've openedd a few boxes. They'd look even better on my kitchen cabinets!

While Sears products may be great their subcontractor suck. If I knew Carol, Bobby's or Clays last names I'd post them.

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