About 5 or 6 years ago, I was using the misses dressing room at Sears at our Naples, FL mall. When I tried an item on and went out to show my husband, someone took the pants I was wearing from the room.

They were hung up (as if they were new) and my diamond wedding rings that were in the pocket were missing and never found. Two days ago I was in the same dressing area--the pants I had on were taken and moved to another dressing room. I have received very little satifaction from management in either of these cases.

I would not recommend shopping at this Sears. As always, buyer beware!

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I am sorry, but that's your own fault! Why would you leave your diamond rings unattended for any length of time?!?

And if it happened beyond your notice then I assume that you left the fitting room area.

If you'd been smart about it and stayed close the the fitting room, then you would've seen the associate carting off your pants. Secondly...if this happened to you once, why on earth would you leave your clothes behind a second time!?


??? What did you put your pants on their hanger?

I do not understand how an assoicate would have thought your pants were storestock! It makes no sense

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