I purchased a Sterns and Fosters Mattress four months ago which cost about $2500. It is to be Sears top of line mattress.

Since then it has half inch sag already. I wake up with back aches and neck pain that I never had before. I called Sears Customer Service and the Store Manager. The Manager said he will not do anything and has to get worse before they exchange it.

Customer Service said they will return it, but the Store Manager reversed the decision. Talk about being lied to. Sears does not care about their customer.

Do not buy your furniture or appliances from Sears. You will regret it.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Sears as other retailers have a return policy time frame. You must have been out of the return time frame allowed or otherwise I am sure an exchange could have been made for you.

If Sears were to make a exception for you as far as a return then there would be no since in even having a return policy time frame and a return exception would have to be made for everyone. This utimatley could put a company out of business. That is why most manufactures offer warranties on there items. Your mattress more then likly has a 1 year warranty.

You should call the manufacture. In the future I recommend that you think about purchasing a extra warranty. This would cover you in all areas with any future purchases you make.

I know Sears has great protection plans. ;)


All retailers have return policy time frames and at the point you reported your concerns with the mattress I am sure you were out of the return time frame. If major retailers were to overlook there return policy time frame for one person then it would have to be done for everyone which would ultimately drive a company out of business.

This would be another reason why most items such as mattresses offer a manufacture warranty. You need to talk to the manufacture.

Also, it is always a good idea to purchase a extended warranty to cover yourself. I know Sears has great ones!

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