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We purchased an Kenmore Elite refrigerator on June 1, 2016. We have problems with food either not being cold or freezing.

1st repairman said we had too much food in our fridge (seriously) but never actually looked at the fridge. I told him to leave. 2nd repairman said that we needed to turn down the temperature so that things wouldn't freeze. He still did not look at the fridge.

The fridge stopped working on 9/25. We called for the appointment which they could not schedule until 10/3. Told us they would put us on the emergency list in case there was a cancellation. I called back several days later after not hearing from them and found out we were not put on the emergency list.

The service rep said she would put us on the list. We specifically requested that they not send the 1st repairman (Denny). Well we got to 10/3 and they sent Denny back to our house. My daughter remind him that he had previously told us we had "too much in our fridge" and that he was obviously incorrect since now he did not work at all.

Denny proceeded to get snippy with my daughter and said he could leave. He went outside and made a call to Sears and when he came back in, he told her he didn't have to stay if she was going to be abusive to him. My daughter said oh no, lets see if you can actually do your job this time. He then wanted us to sign a release for any damage he might cause when he moved the fridge.

Of course, my husband and I say we would not sign any releases. My husband then started making phone calls and he tried every number he could find and no one could help. We got another appointment for yet another week out on 10/10. My husband kept calling and we finally got an appointment on 10/6.

Once again specifying that Denny not be sent. We get to 10/6 and we get a call from Denny saying he's on his way to our home yet again. My daughter told him when he arrived that we did not want him to service our fridge and that we had requested someone else. He left and we started making calls again.

I had spoken to Niki (appliance manager) at the store several times during this whole process and she couldn't believe the mess this was becoming. Said she would keep trying to help by calling and sending emails. My husband had spoken to the store manager(Dwayne) and he said he would see what he could do. Problem was everybody kept saying they didn't have the authority to do anything that Sears didn't control the repair service and the repair service said they worked for Sears.

One big circle of no help. Finally later on 10/6 we got another repairman (Cody and a helper) who finally tore into the fridge (no waiver requested this time). Anyway Cody determined that the compressor was bad and had been going out for some time. Also they were some tubes that overlapped each other that ran into a compartment that service techs can't open.

The tubes were gauging into one another but hadn't yet worn through. He had no idea what was causing this or what the tubes were like in the sealed compartment. He recommended replacing the fridge since the repair of a compressor is about $1200 and the tubes were damaged. He called an engineer in Texas (which I guess is their normal procedure) and the engineer said no and told Cody to repair it.

So now we've had no fridge for 11 days and we were going to have to wait while a part was ordered and then rescheduled another appointment for them to install the new part. For the hoses, the engineer told him just to insulate them. We complained as we were going to be out a fridge for another week or so and there was not guarantee that the hoses weren't damaged inside the sealed compartment. Cody explained that he couldn't replace the fridge even though he thought it was ridiculous to fix it, if the engineer said no.

Once again we started calling to try to get someone to help us. My husband even called the lemon line and they wouldn't do anything since the engineer said to fix it. Consumers aren't allowed to talk to the engineers. It didn't matter that a family of 5 (with two kids) didn't have a fridge and wasn't going to have one for at least another week.

We tried every number we could find but still no one would help. The only thing we gained was $190 shop your way points to spend at the store. I spoke to the appliance manager again and she couldn't believe it still wasn't resolved and that the engineer wanted to fix it. I told her that I felt like they were just putting a band aid on it and waiting for the warranty to run out and then we would be stuck with a $2k fridge that didn't work.

She agreed. She said she would continue to call and email but that's all she could do. So here we are on 10/9 and still no fridge and no idea when the new compressor will show up or how long it will take to schedule an appointment to put it in. Not to mention, still no idea if the hoses behind the sealed compartment are damaged as well.

This is an unbelievable mess and no one cares we don't have a fridge or that the fridge might go out again in the future. We are beyond frustrated and can't get anyone to help!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

Preferred solution: replace damaged refridgerator with new unit.

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