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Our $3000 Kenmore Elite refrigerator didn't even last a year. At 10 months, the compressor went out and we lost a great big freezer full (it's a French door with bottom freezer, almost 29cf) of an Omaha Steaks order among other things.

This was eight weeks ago. It took a week and a half of making phone calls to finally get someone out here to check the thing. He ordered a new compressor for it and scheduled a return visit for two weeks from that day. Well, six weeks compressor has arrived (it's supposed to be delivered to the house) and I had to cancel the repair man's return visit, of course.

We have been all this time with no refrigerator. Have spent a small fortune on bags of ice to keep the large Igloo chest cooler (sitting in the kitchen floor) stocked. To top it all off, we even paid $400 for a three-year "Master Protection Plan". This refrigerator broke down while still under the original manufacturer's warranty and we can't get it fixed, so what good is the Master Protection Plan going to do us?

I've called twice in the past three weeks, trying to find out where the compressor is, when we can expect it, heck, if it's really even been ordered! I was told both times that someone from the parts dept would be contacting us within 48 hours. No one ever has. Not one word from them.

Once this thing is resolved...IF it's ever resolved...we are done with Sears. Cutting up the credit cards and closing the account.

They've lost long-time customers because of this. But they don't seem to care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Sears Cons: Anything about it, 7 weeks of dealing with a broken fridge under warranty, Customer service is a joke.

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This is a follow-up to my earlier review "Still waiting eight weeks later...." Last Friday, June 7th, I tried again. I again called the phone number for the service dept, trying to find out about the compressor, drawer, etc., and talked to two different people; both told me the repair order was closed because the repair had been completed!

I said not true, the parts had never arrived, the repair man had never made a return visit to install the new compressor because it had never arrived. Was transferred to a third person, a woman who gave her name as Jennifer, who was very sympathetic and helpful (finally). She told me the same thing the first to people had told me but looked into it further and discovered the parts had never even been ordered!!!! All these weeks, afraid to leave the house for fear of missing the delivery, waiting and waiting for something that wasn't even on its way.

She made arrangements for another repair man to be here on the 17th (yes, ten more days but after this long, it's a piece of cake) and then she reordered the parts as I read the copy of the "order" that the previous repair man had left me, to her, and put a rush on them. She just couldn't believe it when I told her how long we'd been without a refrigerator and kept apologizing for Sears and said obviously, someone working for Sears had dropped the ball. She said she also was sending emails to supervisors in both the repair dept and the parts dept about what had happened and she wanted to put $115 in rewards points in our credit account so we could go buy a small refrigerator to use until this one is repaired. $115 wouldn't get very close to paying for even a small refrigerator, and as I told her, the points would just go to waste because we won't be shopping at Sears any more.

We don't even want to drive through their parking lot! Again she apologized and told me she would be checking on the parts shipment this week and would call me with an update. So that's where it stands as of Monday, June 10th. Seven more days until the repair man is supposed to be here and we'll see if those parts arrive between now and then.

It was nice to find a third person working for Sears who seemed to care about our situation, out of the dozens I've talked to over the past two months. She also offered to file the claim for the food lost at the maximum amount allowed (only $300) but it was denied when she tried because the repair needs to be completed first.


Another follow-up to this pathetic saga: It turned out that the second time the parts were ordered...they weren't really ordered! It didn't go through.

Nor did that $115 in rewards points to our account. Amazing, huh? I'm not surprised. So, I allowed the scheduled repair man to visit us on June 17th and I told him the sad story and showed him the list of parts the first man was supposed to have ordered.

He acted baffled by the entire situation but he went out to his truck and re-ordered the parts (third time) and gave me a number to call to check to see if the order actually had happened. I did call, the next day, and the woman said yes, the order was being processed, and we had a repair man scheduled to come here on July 2nd to install the parts. I was worried that the parts wouldn't arrive in time, but they did. Or so I thought.

Oh, and meanwhile, back at the pass, my grown daughter, who was just furious at the treatment her mom had been given, bless her heart, called Sears and asked what the heck was wrong with them? She told the man she talked to about the situation and when he checked our service order, he said the first repair man had never been to our house because we didn't answer our phone, and he'd never ordered parts since he hadn't been allowed in to the house to check the refrigerator! My daughter went ballistic and said that absolutely was not true, that she had seen the print out of the parts order from the repair man (sent to me via email). The service rep told her he was sorry, he was just reading from the notes, and perhaps I just "thought" the repair man had been here!!!!

As if I had imagined it because of dementia or something! Good grief, I'm not that old and my mind is fine! But not as fine as it was before this stinking refrigerator broke down, which has driven me half crazy. She said there was nothing wrong with her mother's mind and the repair man had been here, otherwise how would we have a copy of the parts order!

Back to main story: the repair man came here (oh gosh, he just happened to be the first one who was here on April 17th!), was very nice, did what he had to do in about two hours, and the refrigerator started working and still is working the next day, but now it's making these knocking noises every minute or so. It knocks about 8 or 9 times, then stops, and starts again anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. I'm hoping it's the ice maker and will take out the bin and look at that in a few minutes. BUT, in his notes from yesterday (of which I have a copy that was sent to me), he wrote that he had installed the compressor, a new service valve, and air filter dryer, but that the condenser coils were not shipped.

I didn't know anything about coils until........... This afternoon, when a box was delivered by UPS, and it was from Sears Parts, and guess what was inside? Condenser coils! The day after the repair man was here!

I'm not even sure what to do at this point. Do I call them back (in the Philippines) and try to explain what just happened, or do I let it go and hope it's repaired and didn't need the new coils? The repair man yesterday did run a diagnostics on it after he finished and he told me everything was working fine now. That was before it started that knocking thing, of course.

Figures. I need to file a loss claim for the freezer full of foods that thawed out and were ruined by the time we discovered the freezer wasn't working. Just dreading that. So here we are with a refrigerator that supposedly was repaired after THREE FULL MONTHS of no refrigerator, but it's making a funny knocking noise, and a part arrived for it today after it was supposed to have been repaired by the very same imaginary repair man that I thought had been here the first time.

By the way, I told him about what was told to my daughter, about how I just "thought" he had been here and ordered the parts, and he couldn't believe it. He looked through his appointments and notes on his tablet and found his call here and said yes indeed, he had been here, and he had ordered the parts! He apologized for the mess but as I told him, I don't blame him. A second person supposedly had ordered the parts and they also hadn't arrived.

I blame Sears and their ineptness. We and my entire family are "Sears Customers No More", that's for sure.

Very sad to see an old old business that once was thriving, going so far downhill, especially when there still are so many potential customers just wishing for a place to shop for tools, appliances, household goods, that they can see in person first. They can't be trusted and they treat their customers like dirt.


Forget the bankruptcy, when is Sears going to finally GO OUT OF BUSINESS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


First time using this site, I’m hoping this will respond to complaint about sears repair service that still isn’t resolved. Somewhat the same situation here.

My kenmore elite made by LG freezer portion just stopped working. A Day later the refrigerator portion died. Took week to get someone out. Then found out I was supposed to keep plugged in.

So had to reschedule. Waited another week! Fridge had started working on its own after plugged back in. Tech couldn’t figure out what happened.

But he has had other customers w same issue. So no repair. Told to call for reimbursement. So I did.

They WILL NOT GIVE ME REIMBURSEMENT!!!! Tech notes state customer unplugged fridge and when plugged back in, it worked.

So no reimbursement. SO ANNOYED


I feel your pain!!! Went through exactly the same issue myself.

If you have a home warranty you might be better going through the home warranty as they will get things done faster. Also, when your part finally arrives I would definitely use the website to schedule your final repair and keep checking it every hour as appointments open up and it will help move up your appointment. I think using the online chat to help sometimes goes to the US instead of overseas.

I nearly lost the plot dealing the their center in Poland!! Good luck!!


Sears is pathetic, our dishwasher motor burnt up a few years ago, we did get a replacement, but had to pay the difference, which was several hundred dollars, there is supposed to be a class action lawsuit against the motors, that was three years ago. I’ve had several appliance problems with sears, we wound up going to Bestbuy with replacements.

One other note, when we first built our house, we bought all of our appliances from Sears, we had a microwave mounted over the stove, we kept having problems with it, it would actually come on by it self, I call sears every time we had a problem,we’ll the microwave caught our house on fire, the fire Marshall said it was faulty wiring, we sued Sears, took us 3 years, I had every receipt from when they came out . Run from Sears


Thank you for your story and advice .I am going to make a mental note not to ever buy any kind of appliance from Sears. And I will spread the word and tell others not to do so as well.




I agree, but how does one make that happen? They won't even return my calls let alone replace the broken refrigerator.


Now you know the true value of "extended warranties". Less than zero ; frustrating.


You might be able to file a claim with your homeowner's insurance. Check with them or read your policy.

You probably should have wandered over to any big box store like Lowe's and bought a smaller, cheap model fridge to preserve your food and then move it to the garage or another room to use as a spare to cool beverages, that large frozen turkey you need to defrost for 4 days, etc.

However, hindsight is wonderful. But, do check on your insurance.