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I purchased a mattress and adjustable base at the Sears store at the Desoto Square mall on 7/6/18. The 1st mattress and adjustable base were delivered on 7/16/18.

Upon Delivery the mattress had holes and the delivery person put the power box between the bottom of the adjustable base and lift mechanism which caused the box to crack and puncture *** in the base fabric. I called the Sears warranty department at 1800-479-5899 and they set up delivery for a new mattress and adjustable base. I recieved the 2nd mattress and adjustable base on 8/3/18. That mattress and adjustable base came with holes and poor stitching as well.

I contacted customer service immediately and the Representative set up delivery for another mattress and adjustable base to be sent. While waiting for delivery I used the mattress and adjustable base per customer service. After 1 nights use the mattress was coming off the bottom corners of the base causing the mattress to distort and cause great discomfort. I was waking up after no more than two hours of sleep with nerve pain so bad that my arms started to go numb and after several nights I started having server nerve pain, chronic constant headaches (that no over the counter pain reliver could help), and muscle spasms so bad that I am having trouble breathing.

I recieved adjustable base #3 on 8/13/18. I was supposed to be delivered a mattress and adjustable base #3 on 8/13/18 and when the delivery men showed up they stated that they left the mattress at the warehouse. As the men removed the adjustable base so that they could deliver the new adjustable base, the delivery man tried to say that there was no hole in the fabric and that the adjustable base was made that way. I stated that if I could fit my entire finger underneath the the fabric to the inside plus see where the stitching was not sewn together, then it was indeed *** Finally the delivery men did remove the damaged base and brought in the new one.

However; they took the remote from adjustable base #2 and failed to give me the remote from the new box of adjustable base #3. As soon as I realized that I had no remote I called the number that the delivery men had called me from earlier when they were on their way to my address. He asked if I could text him and he would put the remote with the mattress when he got back to the warehouse after all deliveries were finished so that it could be delivered on 8/15/18 with the mattress that they had forgotten to bring on 8/13/18 (that did not happen). Now while the delivery men were at my residence, the delivery man asked to charge his phone and then proceeded to put his phone on my clean pillows where I lay my head, he asked to buy a cigarette from a family member, and then asked for cold drinks.

This made me very uncomfortable! Today (8/15/18) when mattress #3 was finally delivered there was no remote, *** in the mattress and I finally got to inspect the adjustable base and found stitching problems again. I spent a minimum of 5 to 6 hours on the phone with customer representatives being run around in circles. 2 of the sears customer service reps that I called, called the store to speak with the manager Dave.

After being disconnected from several customer service reps I went to the store and spoke to Dave myself. He said he was willing to upgrade my adjustable base at no extra cost but that the customer service reps would have to approve this. After several hours of going around in circles with the store manager and the customer service reps telling me that the adjustable base is non returnable non refundable. I felt like I was getting nowhere!

Yet, on my reciept it states that "The following items may be subject to a cancellation/restocking fee if returned" and then lists both the mattress and smartmotion adjustable base. Now, if the adjustable base is non returnable and non refundable both items should not be listed under that statement. I also contacted a service rep from Serta and spoke with a women named Gretchen. I sent Gretchen pictures as she requested and after her review she said that it looks like the adjustable base and mattress are incompatible and that the mattress was to heavy for that particular adjustable base yet there was nothing she could do so she suggested I called sears again.

I was on the phone with Sears customer service reps or the manager at the store, Dave, from the time of my delivery at around 10am till well after 6pm. When I went to the store and spoke with Dave the manager he said based on a chart they had in store that the mattress and adjustable base were compatible, but he was willing to upgrade my adjustable base at no extra charge. Yet, I cant get the manager and the customer service reps on the same page. I just keep getting spun around in circles.

When I lay on the mattress I can feel how the spring have been distorted and I have been forced to sleep on my tile floor due to waking up with spasm so server they almost look as if I'm having a seizure and my arms numb and unable to grip. I am a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for almost 18 years now and I can not go to work if I am having spasm so server and nerves in my arms causing numbness and unable to grip. It would be devistating to drop a patient while giving care and the longer I have to sleep on a mattress (and on my tile floor which is more comfortable that the $3423.98 mattess and adjustable base that I purchased on 7/6/18) that are causing me these issues is also going to be the reason why I am going to be unable to work if this is not resolves soon.

I find that the quality and customer service that Sears and Robuck used to have and standing behind their products is completely gone! My grandfather worked for Sears and Robuck back in his younger years and we have always loved this company, but I can say that I will never step foot back in a Sears store after this whole ordeal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mattress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3424.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Associates sale incompatible products, Assoc are not knowledgable about what they are saling.

  • Poor Customer Complaint Service
  • All Around Awful Company
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