8 years ago in-laws bought a craftsman lawn mower.first year they were called to fix one of the belts that broke. 3 months later it was broken again and they fixed it.

2 months later they fixed same belt. when called again they said that they are not fixing it anymore.

called following year and they said that they would give us a store credit but as of yet nothing. even after 5 phone conversations with the person in charge who told us that they will get back to us they continue to make believe we are not around.there is alot more to story but dont want to bore you too much!

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I suspect that there are specific reasons that they no longer repaired this item, that you have not disclosed.

Right off of their website:

"Craftsman lawn mower warranty covers for two years from date of purchase."

I think after 8 years, you've gotten more than your share of the 2 year warranty. Quit griping. :?

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