We have a very incompetent store manager here at the Sears in Chula Vista. While she sucks up to the higher powers that be her organizational skills for the store itself is extremely sad and pathetic.

Many times she has brushed away customers because as she put "I'm busy" how is she so busy getting her purse from her car to help a customer? Many have worked before her time and the store functioned much better without her as with her. Also ironic is how she abuses her department leads and managers insultingly and then is shocked when they quit,I mean really?

Her customer service skills are sadly lacking as she either doesn't help them at all or passes them on to another person literally sometimes pointing to a worker on the floor and telling them to help the customer even though the customer is asking for a manager. Griselda Ochoa is her name I believe and if Sears decides to keep her as this stores manager then I guess they want it to be the next store they close since the turnover rate of employes is the highest in the state.

If the Sears corporate is sincere in their vow to keep the remaining stores up to par with service and quality employees to help their customers then this manager must go.

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If any employee is getting their purse out of the car that would mean they are off the clock, therefore a customer has no business approaching them. How do you know for sure the turnover rate of employees in that store is the highest in the state.

A lot of the turnovers in any job are due to re-location, finding a higher paying job, ill health, got married and no longer have to work in that location. There are numerous reasons for leaving a job not just dissatisfaction with management.


The complaint stated "I'm Busy" and not "I am off duty right now". There is a difference in these two statements.

Dan S

Managers are never off the clock. They are paid a salary.

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