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Do not go to Sears for appliances and especially customer service.

Our stove that we bought less than three ago suddenly without warning starting buzzing, then a flash of fire came from the back of it. Of course all the electronics were destroyed.

We originally bought the extended warranty for the stove but when we came home and read through it, it mentions that it doesn't cover any of the electronics. Well, we called the warranty service and inquired about this and they agreed. So we cancelled the warranty since we only bought it for the electronics. We took the money instead and installed a whole house surge protector.

My husband who is handy found the part and ordered the one we needed. When we received the part, they had changed slightly the design of it along with other two parts that they sent along. MMMM!!! Maybe they found a problem with the original part but doesn't want to admit it.

When he called technical service about this part, the woman says that they can't help with any technical questions! Then what is a technical service for!

He installed the parts and half the stove works but not all. After much trouble, a technician offered him some advice on our problem. If that didn't work, then we would have to order another part. Of course, it didn't work so now we have to order another part.

The cost of these parts are now going to be more than half the original price of the stove that is less than 3 years old.

I will never shop there again for appliances and I'm warning anybody I can about Sears also.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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