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I just have to get this off of my chest. I purchased a new Kenmore Elite 74025 30 days ago directly from a Sears Store.

I purchased this particular unit, because it has digital settings, and would allow me to set to 34 degree (I like my stuff COLD.). And my wife liked it as well, and we loved the door material. $3,000 out the door! Beautiful box… I love the form, and style, and the function...

but I now hate Sears, and this particular unit because it is flawed! I am upset, because right out of the box, it would not cool down below 38, even if you set it to 34/33… Sears sent out tech’s 4 times (Time away from work for me) and the tech would say, “It cools to 37.. you are good to go!” “The book says the industry standard temp is 37, and these can vary 5 degrees!”... And Sears Service Center is then telling me that since the techs say I have a good fridge, then I have to just live with it.

Mind you, I bought the fridge because it gave me the impression it can go to 34 degrees, Because I can set a digital setting to 34/33… but in reality, I have to set it to 33 just to get 37/38!!! I am afraid to see what happens if I set it to 37! (but, it doesn’t matter anyway, as II purchased this fridge because I wanted one that could go to 34.) 34/35 is the optimum temp for a fridge, and this fridge will never get to 34. WHY would they put settings on a Refrigerator that the unit cannot physically do?

Why not just put a big ON button, with a factory setting of 37, if they are going to make customers keep units that won’t go to any other temp setting? Really??? Sears is telling me there is nothing wrong with this fridge, and that I should just live with it? I have bought appliances and products from sears for over 40 years!

This will be my last major purchase from them, especially appliances. Be aware, Sears will not stand behind their stuff… Instead their customer service will tell you that your temp reading from a glass of water with a probe will be warmer because the molecules in the water move creating heat, so the temp will read warmer than it really is, or that the thermometer you are putting on the shelf is not accurate, and that you probably have it on a warm spot in the box!

Used to be: Sears would exchange any product a customer wasn't happy if done within a reasonable amount of time. How do you get Sears to fix or replace a broken unit, when they won't accept that it is not working correctly in the first place?

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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