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Recently I needed a large Cardboard Box for some new Kittens. I went to my local Sears Store Loading Dock and a man on the dock give me permission to get what I needed.

While getting the box a man drove up and become very belligerent about my taking the box from the Sears Store Trash. He said he was Store Manager, Mr. Wilson. With very harsh words he told me I could not have the box, so I put it back in the trash. I was invited to leave and never come back to his store again and I never will. A very surly and unprofessional like man for a Manager.

I can not believe Sears would allow a man like that to be a Sears Store Manager.

Granbury Texas is a very small country town in Texas and has a limited number of shopping stores, but I will drive the 50 Miles to Fort Worth Texas if I ever need anything from a Sears Store again.

A very nice lady at another local store was very happy to give me several boxes and I will make it a special effort to go back to her store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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What are boxes doing in the trash . Most regular Sears stores compact and recycle cardboard .

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