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I have been a loyal Sears customer for many many years. I have always believed that Sears products stood for quality in a day when so many things are cheaply manufactured. I have always made it a point to purchase items for my home from Sears, including major appliances, for that very reason. I know that Sears stock has declined in recent years and I now can understand why. Let me share a letter I sent to the national customer care department today after dealing with the Repair Protection Agreement Department numerous times:

"I am a very upset customer because of the way I was sold a Repair Agreement by the manager of a Sear Hardware Store on Manchester Rd. in Ballwin, Missouri 63011. I purchased a barbeque grill from the store in approx 2010 that was about $300. I took the burners to the manager of that store 4/2011 to show him how they rusted out to see if he would replace them. He told me that he could not, but if I bought a new grill and the Repair Protection Agreement that I would be completely covered if it ever happened again. He told me that if I bought the agreement that all I would need to do was to call the number on the agreement every spring and a repairman would come out and replace whatever was needed to make the grill " like new." He and his main salesmman were so convincing that ANYTHING would be TOTALLY replaced that I went back out 2 days later and upgraded the warranty to the maximum- 3 years!

In the spring of 2012 before my original warranty was up, I called the Repair Protection agreement number and asked for someone to come out to look at the grill which once again had significant rust. I was told that the warranty would not cover that kind of repair or service call. The Sears store I dealt with had closed by then, so I called the manager of the largest Sears store near me at Chesterfield Mall. I told him what had happened and asked for his help. He told me to try the Warranty Department one more time and talk to a supervisor. I put that call in but did not get any satisfaction. Unfortunately, then I had an accident where both my feet were broken and I did not follow up any more. Now I am following up once again since I am wanting to use the grill.

I am 1 1/2 years into my warranty with no solution and a grill that is totally rusted out inside. The lid seems to be OK but the burners, grate etc are rusted totally. The bottom has fallen out entirely! It was even covered during the times I wasn't using it. You are my last appeal asking for help before I take my situation further to get some help with this dilemma. I was transferred 4x today after calling the customer service department for the Repair Agreement Center- all with no resolution except to write to you. I am copying this letter to send to the highest execituve I can find in the hope of getting some help. Thank you and please respond to my unique situation with some sort of resolution. I am going crazy trying to get Sears to stand behind a product that should last more than one season!

To make matters worse, when I spoke with my first customjer service person at the warrtanty center in April, she told me that in the past, the warranty DID cover my problem but that the warranty had been changed and did not cover it any more!!!

I realize the new President of Sears Holding Corp, Louis D'Ambrosio, probably has his hands full turning around the fall of his company from it's prior position of respect to the American public. His very words to his investors in August of 2012 included this statement: "Our focus is on providing clear benefits to our members and customers, and delivering an excellent and seamless experience across the store, online, mobile and in the home." Why then, Mr. D'Ambrosio, are your employees not empowered to resolve a simple situation such as mine? I have spoken to so many people and NONE of them have offered me any type of solution to the problem created by a store manager who sold me a 3 year warranty with false promises? I certainly hope someone can offer me a reasonable solution. I still have two broken feet and more than enough time to blog about this situation on various sites that ask for reviews of Sears productsand customer experiences.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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