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Tech scheduled 1p-5p to come to do a check up on tv for a warranty purchased. He showed up 1 hr. 45 min. late. Never called to say he was going to be late. Called Sears to complain.

Made a complaint, promised a $25 gift card to be received 7-10 business days. Never received. Called back. Complaint never filed. Did not receive a case number I should have been given.

Talked to someone in which I have name & ID#. Gave me a case # and then promised $50 gift card. NEVER received. Called back 3rd time.

Next woman said she would reprocess. Doesn't know what happened$$!! Maybe wrong address$$!! COME ON! I can sure receive my bill on time! This time it will take up to 4 weeks. Didn't know it took a month to receive mail within the U.S.

So, it's been almost 2 months now. Needless to say, it will be a looong time before I EVER purchase anything from Sears. Maybe customer service could use better training and manners!


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Fallon, Nevada, United States #228979

I feel your pain! I have been waiting months and months for a promised refund to my credit card and every time I call, I'm told it will be another 10 days. I will never shop at Sears again!

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