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I also need to share my experience with all the people that have written their complaints, and add myself to the list of people that will never deal with Sears again! As my problem has not been resolved yet, I don’t want to disclose all the details, but I will do so once the promised resolution is reached which is supposed to be today.

To all the people still having trouble with Sears, I would strongly recommend that you file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau. they have been able to help me get to where I’m at with Sears today. Also, anyone who is considering a purchase from Sears should also look at The Better Business Bureau review of the company

I have had an ongoing battle with Sears Corporate Customer Service for over 2 months. I have been talked to like an ***, hung up on and refused any information as to whom I can contact that is higher up than Corporate 1-800-664-1888. To me that was just adding insult to injury.

I have found out that the Corporate Customer Service Manager is Jennifer Boutilier,, you can reach her through the 1-800-664-1888 x2552, but she is too high up the corporate ladder to deal with calls. Don’t give up people! keep trying!

Will post more detailed information once resolution is achieved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Sears Canada

After having our oven glass door on a Kenmore Elite Induction Range explode twice in a year, we asked for a replacement stove. only to be told that we have to pay a $550 upcharge because we bought the stove on sale.

I don't care what I paid for the stove, I just want it replaced with the same model as I bought. If they sold it to me for one price, they can replace it for the same price. That is only logical as far as I am concerned.Having dealt with customer service for a week we asked who can make a decision and they told us to email the Vice President of Sears Canada. Then the calls started coming again from the customer service people, with no change in attitude. Basically saying pay the money or nothing will be done. Below is a copy of the email sent to Sears Canada Vice President. It probably never crossed his desk and was passed to one of his cronies. What a way to run a business. By the time Target moves into their territory it will be time for them to close their doors and go packing. Not soon enough as far as I am concerned.I hope someone out there at Sears is reading this stuff. Pissed......

Attention Vice President,

After talking to Sears service department this morning after the glass door exploded on our $3000 Kenmore Elite stove this morning, for the second time in a year.

Within 1 day of a year to be exact. The service department wants to send out a tech to replace the glass in the door again.

We find this highly unacceptable at this point. Attached are photos from the July 2011 and July 2012 incident.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that there must be either a design flaw or a fault with this particular door.

Last year the wife could not use her stove for 17 days while waiting for the glass to be replaced.

This incident scared the heck out of her again, and I do not blame her. Once I can understand, but twice I do not.

The first time it happened, the wife was preheating the oven and it only got to 250 degrees Fahrenheit when the glass blew out.

The second time,(this morning) the glass blew out without the stove even being on.

Attached are dated photos of both incidents for your review. You might be shocked to see the mess and how this could cause injury.

I bought this as a anniversary present for my wife and I am beginning to regret it, as she is afraid to use it anymore.

It was lucky that our niece was not here, at her height there could have been serious injury when the glass exploded.

I would very much like to hear your thoughts regarding this situation. I don’t think replacing the glass again is an option.

Personally, the wife would like to have the stove replaced. We purchased the extended warranty on this product, but did not expect this.

We have purchased all our appliances from Sears over the years, but have not run across anything like this.



I purchased a washer and dryer from Sears, and the washer was delivered with a large deny near the dial. I called and was told that they would bring me a new one, but not for 10 days and in the meantime I was not allowed to use the old one (family of 4, huge pile of laundry after 10 days!!) Finally got the new washer and now less then a year later the top of it has separated from the bottom.

I phone Sears and am informed that I have to purchase three new clips at $45 each. This is crazy since I know that I have purchased the extended warranty. I phone the appliance store in Brentwood mall in Calgary and speak with Velma who is incredibly rude and unhelpful. I keep asking her to confirm my warranty and she says that she can only look it up if I can tell her the exact date I purchased them.

Since I am at work and do not have my paperwork, I ask her if she can please look it up on her end. I get the worlds biggest sigh and she puts me on hold for over 10 minutes before coming back and telling me that she cannot find my name and I should phone a 1-800 number that she gives me. Fine, I phone it and it is a service call request line. I phone Velma back and ask her for a different number as the number she gave me is not able to help me.

She tells me that she cannot even remember giving me the first number...REALLY? We just spoke 5 minutes ago!! I ask to speak with a supervisor and she says that she is the supervisor so I ask to speak with her manager and she then starts going on about how if I am going to be rude to her, then she will be rude to me...I ask her how I am being rude and she says that by demanding to speak with her manager. I tell her that I simply want to talk to someone who has a clue and since she as the SUPERVISOR cannot help me, the next step is to speak with her manager.

Anyways, she continues to whine and be unprofessional and finally agrees to put me through to her manager Kevin.

Thankfully, he was 100 times more helpful. Stay away from VELMA!!


1. bought Maytag dishwasher worth about 1K

2. it died 2 months after

3. repair service played a kind of game with me, scheduled, then guy called to say technician was sick

4. wasted about a week with customer service

5. went straight to the store to complain in the open

6. guy brought me in backstore, checked the record and said they dont have the part thats why they did not go

7. ask for replacement, but nothing was in stock

8. they proposed replacing with same model if I waited 4-5 day for it to arrive

9. unhooked the old one, returned it to store warehouse, picked up the new one, attached it myself (I realize how they should have done that themselves, but I just dont trust hem for that)

Morale of the story, dont trust repairmen and customer service, pick it up and install yourself if you can, or ask a friend.

The sale is the item you buy, in store service is efficient, everything else is BS, don't expect to buy after sale service when you buy there

other than that, they have some good items craftsman, lawnmower tools and snowblowers

the rest is just like all large surface stores


BEWARE! The site does not show if a product is unavailable and will take your order.

I ordered a toy Dec 2.

Dec 7 get email saying thank you for order. All seems OK. under heading "Status" says "unavailable" but later says status will be available 24 hours after receipt of email (so I think it is the status that is unavailable, not the product). 24 hours later I click on the link to check the site.

You must register to see this. They ask for confirmation # but that does not work (I thought it was a problem with the site). Next day I try again and I try with the order # instead and the order status shows up. Again says "unavailable" under status.

One place does say "item not available" so then I knew. If someone did not actually go to link, register, type in the correct #, etc. they would never know that the Christmas toy they ordered would never arrive!!! Customer service was completely useless.

No empathy, no apology, no acknowledgement I was being heard. Nothing. No training, obviously.

Not worth the uncertainty. Buy elsewhere.


Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced



I can concur with everything you have said about Sear's service. I can add this information - if you want to get a copy of your service information to have on file when you request compensation, or take Sears to small claims court - Make a request in writing to Sylvia Murphy, Privacy Officer, 290 Yonge Street, Suite 700, Toronto, ON, M5B 2C3.


I went to buy a dishwasher and it was a terrible experience right from the beginning. Waited half hour for service, the delivery guy cancelled then showed up outside my house calling me at work to come let him in.

They wouldn't take my old dishwasher with them (I paid $50 for that) and they couldn't hook up the new one because they were not technicians (paid $150 for that also). After over a month of staring at my new dishwasher in my living room, they finally got someone over here. They spent 20 minutes unhooking the old one then realized the water needed to be shut down for the whole building. They were too busy to wait for me to make a couple calls and told me that I would be charged a $60 service fee and to call them back once everyone's water was off and they would try to come over.

I finally came to my senses and called someone else. They came that day and it took him 5 minutes to hook it up. He explained how unqualified they must have been. When I called Sears to cancel the services, they didn't want to refund me any of the money.

After all this, we noticed a piece was missing from the dishwasher. Need I go on?

Save the frustration and shop somewheres else.


I agree - Service at Sears is extremely poor. I'm not a regular customer but was going to purchase my major appliances from them because I thought they had good service but not after the trouble they gave me trying to return a $50 shirt.

I went into sears to return an item 34 days after the purchase date. It was a gift and I had a gift receipt. The back of the receipt says it can be exchanged or refunded within 90 days if purchased on a Sears credit card, gift card or Sears Master card or 30 days if purchased by other payment method. I didn't notice the 30 day part at first and didn't rush to return the item because of that. Also the gift receipt does say what the payment method is. They would not take it back for credit or exchange. I complained online. I got a response back several days later repeating that they can't help me out. I tried a second time suggesting that it wasn't clear on the receipt what the payment method was and they said they'd call me to resolve the issue. A week later no call. I e-mailed again. Still no call. Another week later and still nothing so I e-mailed again. Then they told me that I should have seen the sign in the store saying that holiday purchases needed to be returned by January 10th. It wasn't a gift but not a holiday purchase and all I saw what was the text written on the back of the gift receipt.

I strongly recommend avoiding Sears. If Sears seas this and wants to contact me, my CASE ID is 1641804 but I doubt it!


Well, looks like I am not alone here.

I recently purchased some appliances and furniture from Sears. the stove range came in with the door damaged, the fridge does not close properly because the two side-by-side doors are not level. The bed I ordered was a queen size but they delivered a double to me. on top of all these frustrations, the tips I had to give to the delivery people, I have to endure the extreme inefficiency of Sears' Customer Service.

up to today, my problems are still pending. After spending so much money on these products, I am stuck with all these *** in my new home. Hope I don't have to deal with Sears ever again :(