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I ordered a washing machine to replace a broken one in my home. I ordered it on 5/24/14 and it was supposed to be delivered on 5/27/14.

Someone was supposed to call me the night before the delivery to give me a time range for the delivery the next day. No call ever came. I called at 7AM on the day of the delivery to see when I could expect them. I was told that the item was on back order and the next delivery day was 6/3/14.

I was upset that I was never told that the washer was on back order, but told them that 6/3/14 would be okay. I called their automated phone number on 6/2/14 and was told that they would deliver the washer between 5-7PM the following day - which was fine. On the day of the supposed delivery I get a call at 6:30PM saying that one of the delivery guys was hurt and that they could no longer deliver my washer that day. Apparently he had hurt himself on the 16th of 17 scheduled deliveries.

I told them that I understood that kind of stuff happens and that I could be home the next morning to take delivery. The delivery rep told me that there was no way they could deliver that soon as I was not in their scheduled area the following day. They said I would have to wait another week before they would be out in my area again. That is completely unacceptable!

They were already a week late and now they wanted to push me back another week. They should have found some way to get that washer to me that next day. I don't care if the manager had to load it in a van themselves and bring it out, pushing me back a another week is beyond terrible customer service.

I ended up cancelling my order and buying the same washing machine from Best Buy. It ended up costing me almost another $100 more than what I paid for from Sears due to the Memorial Day sales being over, but I refuse to give Sears one penny after their terrible customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Sears Response

This is very disappointing to hear. Could you please confirm the location you where you were shopping?

Orlando, Florida, United States #823888

"I don't care if the manager had to load it in a van themselves and bring it out..." Ah, no. I don't know where you shop, no retail store works that way nor should they.

Delivery agents have very strict guidelines regarding scheduling and if you live in a remote area or if they only have one or two other deliveries in the area they aren't going to make the trip. You may not think that is fair and that's fine, but the reality of heavy item delivery is no where near as simple as putting a washer into a U-haul and calling it a day.

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