I paid $500 plus for a snowblower online and I selected the option to pick it up at the merchandise pickup area in Livonia MI. I get there and was the first customer of the day and the employee, Royce, was a complete *** to me.

He wheeled my snowblower out on a dolly and when he realized I was driving a car, he refused to even wheel it out to my car to see if it would fit. He kept telling me that he does this every day for a living and was yelling that he was not going to wheel it out there because he knew for a fact that it wouldn't fit. I asked him several times if we could just take it out there and see because I was a single woman and only had the car to pick it up in. He continued to refuse.

I asked him if I could measure it and he was a complete *** and was basically berating me and arguing with me. He did all of this in front of another customer who felt the need to tell me "good luck" on her way out because it was so bad. I told him I needed to speak to a manager and he continued to speak disrespectfully to me in front of the manager too who did nothing about it. Two managers came out to assist...they were very nice, however, they told me they'd give me "rewards points" for the trouble their employee caused.

I didn't get the points and felt like they were making excuses for him and why he was behaving that way. I will NEVER go to sears again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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