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Prior to this experience, my regard for Sears and their services with home appliances was extremely high, as I have ordered a range top oven from the Sears Outlet and have been very happy. I have also recommended all my friends and family to Sears or the Sears Outlet. Recently, a family member purchased a washer & dryer as a gift for us. Unfortunately, before installing, we realized that the dryer they purchased was electric and our house does not have the proper electrical wiring to connect the electric dryer. I called Sears the following day (Monday August 11, 2014) and set up the exchange for the gas dryer to be delivered. I was under the impression that the call and order went smoothly and was told by the representative that I would be notified within the next 24-48 hours about delivery and covering any difference in cost.

The following day, (Tuesday August 12, 2014) less than 24 hours from my initial contact regarding the exchange, I received a call from Sears, but was at work and missed the call. I called the number left on my voice message and the representative I reached had no idea why I was calling. The rep told me that there were no notes on the order about a phone call. After being passed around to a few representatives, Ishmael in Customer Solutions helped me complete the exchange. He gave me a total amount and I gave my credit card number for the difference in the uneven exchange - I thought everything was settled and confirmed and that I would receive a call about delivery within the next 24-48 hours.

The next day (Wednesday August 13, 2014) the initial purchaser - a relative of ours - was contacted about delivery. The relative let me know about the call, and delivery time – which was scheduled at a time when no one would be present at our residence. I called Sears to let them know that I needed to reschedule delivery. Upon calling, I was notified that my exchange information, payment information, and my phone number/address were not anywhere on the account. Again, after being passed around to numerous representatives, I was notified that the exchange was indeed completed; however the shipping address was COMPLETELY wrong. I have absolutely no idea where this shipping address came from as it was neither the correct delivery address, nor the initial billing address. When I asked to change the address the representative told me that I could not change the delivery address, nor could she give me any additional information on the account – including confirm my exchange – because I was not the initial purchaser; after I had given my credit card information for over $200 the day before to a representative in the same department. Of course, this infuriated me. When I asked to speak to a manager or someone with whom I could file a complaint, the representative let me know that SHE was the person to contact. She was in the SAME department that I spoke with the previous day when I thought the order was finalized.

Later that same day, I attempted another call to Sears instead of bothering my relative who had so generously purchased the washer and dryer as a gift. I was transferred to a representative, Krystal, in Processing. She let me know that she would have to cancel the whole exchange in order to correct the shipping address. She had to call the delivery department to cancel the delivery scheduled for 1-3pm THAT SAME day (Wednesday August 13, 2014). She was able to cancel my order and let me know that I would have to call back at least 24 hours later in order to start the exchange order all over once again. However, she let me know that she was putting a note in the account for $100 off my exchange for all the trouble I had been through with what should have been a simple uneven exchange. Thank you Krystal.

I waited until after work to call back on Friday (August 15), as I had already spent enough time on the phone during the week. When I called the number that was given to me on Thursday (1.800.479.6351) the representative let me know that the department that processes exchanges was closed and to call back the following day. Again I waited until Sunday (August 17) to call again and I spoke with Chris in Customer Solutions. He confirmed that the cancellation had indeed been confirmed but, again, the department that handles exchanges was closed for the day. Chris gave me a different phone number (877.878.3687) to call, case number (2703190), and receipt number (093009087322) and assured me that with these numbers on hand, there should be no issues with re-issuing the uneven exchange.

On Monday August 18 I called during my lunch hour as I figured, based on my experience during the week prior, the call would take about an hour. I was wrong; the call lasted just over 2 hours. I was helped by Pam at the number I was given on Sunday. Pam let me know that my phone number was still not on the account, even with the updated case number – the initial purchaser’s phone number was still listed and mine was nowhere to be found. I let her know the reason for my call and she had to, again, verify that the shipment was completely cancelled. After she verified the cancellation, we continued with the exchange. She did know that I wanted to exchange for the gas dryer and went ahead with processing. When it came time for her to ask for my credit card number, I reminded her about the $100 credit I was supposed to receive based on my conversation with the representative on Friday. She let me know that there was no note anywhere on the account about the $100 credit. After browsing the account while putting me on hold, she returned to let me know that not only did she not see the $100 credit note, but that she could no longer go through with the exchange because I was not the initial purchaser; she came to this conclusion AFTER she was going to take my credit card information. I let her know that this had happened once before and I was very confused about how this was possible as I was the person who had been in contact with Sears the WHOLE week before. I continued to explain the situation to Pam and without another solution from her, I asked to speak to a manager. She told me she didn’t think a manager was going to approve the credit but if I wanted, she could still have a manager review the account. I insisted on speaking with a manager. I later found out that either Pam or the manager did contact my relative to confirm that it was ok for me to continue with the exchange. The manager let Pam know to continue with the exchange and he approved the mere $100 credit. I was interested in purchasing a protection agreement, but was never offered to add that portion – nor was I asked about any additional parts that we may need for connecting the gas dryer. While she worked with online order processing to complete the exchange, she asked me if I had a preference for delivery. I let her know that only weekends were suitable as no one is home during the week. After the order was complete, she let me know that weekend delivery wasn’t available, but I would be able to change the delivery once I received a call about the delivery window. I asked for an order or confirmation number and when Pam looked at the order, she noticed that the wrong phone number was now on the order for delivery. She suggested that I call Sears back to ask for delivery information because she wasn’t able to update the information. There was NO WAY I was going to do that again. After speaking with her manager, she let me know that she would be able to update the delivery date for the coming Saturday (August 23rd) and correct the phone number with mine. She told me that she would give me a call back if there were any issues with the order.

It is now 7 days and approximately 5 hours on the phone after my initial contact with the company, and after speaking with numerous representatives I hope my exchange has been processed correctly and finalized. We will see if I receive a call this coming Friday about Saturday delivery. I believe that the amount of time and energy spent on this simple exchange is absolutely outrageous and I hope that your other customers do not have to endure this type of treatment and complication. I can guarantee that after we have received our gas dryer, we will no longer shop at any Sears store for any type of product. We have also already begun to encourage our friends and family to do the same

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Went through much of the same issues with the nondelivery of a refrigerator. After going through all the so-called customer service, I tried calling the local store again and when I was given options to speak the department name, I said “manager” that wasn't on the list but a manager did in fact answer.

My stress level began to lower considerably. A real person that was concerned. We figured out that the automated scheduling system does not communicate completely with those doing the delivery. They in fact only deliver once a month to our town and the system is scheduling deliveries every week.

Hard to believe that that situation is allowed to exist.

I did eventually get a reply to an e-mail and replied with what we learned. Shortly thereafter I received the first of the three automated e-mails advising me of the rescheduled delivery on 8/26, I now know in fact that delivery will not take place until 9/9.


Wow. It does sound very unsettling. Although I can appreciate why there is such a concern over exchanging something on someone else's account, there should be a way to facilitate the whole process much better.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #859644

Very poor customer service. I have experienced a similar situation.

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