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Our old dryer went out so we went to the Sears Appliance Outlet to see what they had. Found a great deal on a dryer and paid for removal of the old and delivery of the new one.

Sears Home Delivery called to say that they would deliver our dryer between 2 and 4pm. At 4pm no one had still showed up and I had not received a courtesy call to let me know that they would be late. I called the 800 number to find out where they were since I needed to leave to pick up and take my children to a music rehearsal by 4:30pm. The person on the phone informed me that they were on their way.

I explained that I needed to leave very soon and I didn't think there was enough time to remove the old dryer and install the new one. He said that they should be at my house right now. I said that I was sitting in my house and no one was there yet to deliver anything. I said that I needed to have the dryer delivered the next day and would like it to be the first delivery.

He said no way was that possible. I said that I was told a time by Sears that they would be here, they did not come when they said and I never received a call to let me know that they would be late like most reputable companies do. He said there was nothing he could do. I asked to speak to the supervisor.

After waiting on hold for at least 10 minutes, the supervisor proceeded to tell me that they could re-deliver the dryer in two days. I said no, that that was not going to work for me and I wanted a refund on my delivery. He said he could not do that, but he would give me a $50 Sears card. I said no (why would I want to shop at Sears again?), I wanted my dryer delivered first thing the next day and I wanted the fee refunded.

He said no. I called the national line to complain, but all they said was that they were sorry.

I think Sears customer service stinks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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I'm having a similar issue with a refrigerator delivery. I was told a delivery date of July 15th, and I took off work on that date.

I called Sears the evening of the 14th and was told that the refrigerator was not in stock and wouldn't be delivered!

I was offered that 50 dollar gift card as well, but refused because I think Sears should refund some of the sales price of my merchandise (which was about $800).

I understand what Steven is saying about the difficulties of delivery, but they should have told me far in advance that my merchandise was not in stock.


I work at sears home delivery as a delivery specialist/cust service representative. What you have described is exactly what the upper management of sears needs to consider. This should be understood without saying, but to understand your business you have to look through the eyes of the customer. That being said.

The only efficient way to schedule deliveries is to have them set up by a couple factors. 1) distance from warehouse, 2) number of orders/customers. You can bet that small things that the average person (even in sears) doesn't think of are difficult the entire way through the delivery process. Scheduling all of the merchandise so it will fit, with no extra room with maximum efficiency, done from a computer is a feat of its own.

A lot of areas are only serviced certain days of the week. A lot of days the trucks are completely full, and we cannot take somebody's merchandise off, to make room for another person's. Also, orders have to be in the system by 5 at the very latest to be in the routing system. It takes time to work out all orders on a truck, distance to warehouse, weather, traffic and all of the other factors. We need start the call process at 6 to inform customers of their time frames for delivery.

Sears customers do, in fact, get better service than other companies; even though it isn't anywhere near 100% of what it should be. We do go out of our way to exchange merchandise, offer realistic amounts of compensation (even if we can only do giftcards), and there are a lot of representatives who go out of their way. Try that at Lowe's or home depot.

As far as the credit goes. You probably purchased a $400 dryer, and a $50 g/c is over 10% of your purchase. They should have been sincere in apologies though. Due to federal regulations, almost no departments (sears or other stores) have access to direct credit information. You would have to pay significantly more if you wanted every department in Sears to have to follow PCI regulations.

Despite some people disagreeing, we are in a recession. If you look at profit margins in the retail department, the only companies doing ok are bottom price places with no customer service. Sears traditionally has customers that pay more for better service. But in a recession, sears and competators are fighting, and losing. Sears would literally be out of business right now if it did not adapt to changing times. Once the economy picks up, so will Sears; I am sure. Also, I doubt I can say the exact amount, but the percentage of deliveries with problems is significantly less than you would probably assume; even though unfortunately you did have a problem. Not all inclusive, but I am a little bit tied up.