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Hi, I am writing this mail after being patiently waiting for the past 3 months to have SEARS fix my cooking range. But instead of fixing the problem, the technicians just made it worse and they kept rescheduling my appointment and could not care any less.

It is a lengthy mail, but this is the only way to explain everything that happened. Original issue: One of the burner in our Electric cooking range suddenly stopped working and we raised a repair request to SEARS on 12th Nov 2017. They said the technician will come on 28th Nov 2017, but on the morning on 28th Nov when we were waiting for the technician, I got a call from sears asking feedback about the technician. And I informed them we are still waiting for the Technician and no one showed up yet.

And she called me back shortly to say that the Technician has cancelled the appointment with out any notice and they will schedule a new appointment on 4th Dec 2017. So we were hoping our issue will be resolved by 4th Dec. On 4th Dec, 2 technicians showed up and it looked like one of them was a new person and the other was a senior person guiding and teaching the new person. After looking at the cooking range for more than an hour they said we are going to order new parts and will be able to fix it only when we receive the new parts.

And they said it will take a long time to get the parts and gave us a new appointment on 29th Dec 2017. On 29th Dec another technician came and started working on the range and fixed the new part. When he turned on the cooking range after fixing, there was a loud noise with a spark in the back of the range. So he opened again and looked and said some technical terms, which we could not understand.

He said, “IF YOU WANT I CAN SHOW YOU THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND”. Does Sears expect all there customer to be Electronic engineers? He was very rude and finally said some other part has failed and we need to order that part. When he was closing up the cooking range we noticed that the burner, which was originally not working, was hot even when it was turned off.

We all waited for a little long and noticed that the burner was still warm. When we asked about it he said some bunch of technical terms again. And he said, since he could not fix the original issue he would refund the amount for today’s service and he was about to start. We asked him to turn of the burner, the technician said he cannot do it now and we have to make another appointment to fix this new issue that he created today.

We said that we have 2 small kids and having a burner ON 24X7 till the next appointment is very dangerous so please do something and turn it off. The solution he gave us was – “TURN OFF YOUR COOKING RANGE IN THE MAIN ELECTRICAL BOX WHEN NOT USED”. We said that is not a solution, please so something thing and turn it off. He got very anger on us and opened the cooking range back and did something and the light that indicates the burner is hot or not went off and he said that he as fixed it and he rushed away.

It was 10 mins since he left and we noticed that the burner was still warm and we waited and waited for it cool and only then we understood that he has just removed the connection that goes to the indicator light and did not fix the burner. Now our burner is on 24X7. We were so surprised but the way the technician behaved and called SEARS to raise complain, but all they did was give us a new appointment for Jan 22nd 2018 and they did not care about anything else. So now for the safety we are turning on and off the cooking range in the main electrical box every time we cook or to even warm the milk and was waiting for 22nd Jan to get a solution to our problem.

By the way the main electrical board is in our garage and I have to carry my baby each time to go out and turn it on and off because we runs to the stove when he hears it turned on; is this a punishment for choosing Sears service? But again on 19th Jan 2018 I got an automated call and email saying “call us at your earliest convenience at 1-800-4MY-HOME (800-469-4663) to reschedule your service appointment.” I got shocked and called the number and they said, “ we have to reschedule your appointment and the next earliest date we have is 13th Feb 2018”. They did not even give a proper reason for rescheduling. I said no it is not acceptable and I want someone to fix my cooking range ASAP.

The supervisor said, she will check to see if there is any earlier appointment is available and call me back. But she called back saying, she could not reach the technicians company and will call me back on Monday – Jan22nd with a new appointment date. I waited all day long on 22nd Jan and did not get any call back. When I called Sears again on 23rd they said my appointment was scheduled for 13th Feb 2018, when I asked to talk with a supervisor, the supervisor said she could move my appointment for 9th Feb 2018 and not any earlier than that.

Now I am waiting, hoping for someone to show up on 9th Feb 2018. Turning on the cooking range in the main electrical box may sound like a simple solution to you, but when my little one cries in the middle of the night asking for milk I have to run to the main electrical box to turn on the cooking range to warm some milk and run back to turn it off and only then I can feed my kid. I cannot risk it by leaving the burner on all night long. We contacted few freelancing technicians when we first faced the issue.

But they are transparent and said we are not expertise in handling Kenmore Range and we will not be able to fix it. We really appreciate their honesty. They did not waste our time or make us stressful. If only Sears have mentioned that they will not be able to fix the issue during my first call, we could have been tension free for the past 3 months.

But all their technicians tried to do was sell us the insurance/service package. A non-working STOVE was way safe than a stove that cannot be turned off.

I wanted to bring this to everyone notice, because we don’t want anyone to face a similar issue with SEARS. I would never recommend SEARS to anyone every again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Range Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That is the quality of the techs that are left at sears. Any tech with a brain jumped ship along time ago, they only hire salesman and try to up sell you a warranty without fixing the problem you called about.

Contact your local news media to do a story on sears you will get fast results. Rochester ny

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