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i work as sears in sioux falls south dakota and i always thought sears was a great place to shop until i started working there. I noticed it when i saw a lot of merchandise come back damaged or people picking up damaged items.

i work in the warhouse so i see it everyday. people come to me and wonder why its such a *** and i honestly tell them well the salespeople lie to you about warranties and how manufacture defect will cover everything and when they try to return items they cant because the salespeople tell the customers its there fault and they cant return the items or exchange items unless they send it up to minneapolis for repairs which takes about two weeks and they usually come back not repaired or they just come back even worse. the managers are always pissy denny woolheater is the worst of them all i never get any respect from him i never get a simple hello or hey how has your day been. its just a hey get your f$%king job done or why are you a terrible worker?

i never get any respect from managers or salespeople, myron cant even ring up a grill for assembly right and hes a lead out in lawn and garden and fitness. does that explain something? denny doesnt help out with anyone like if you need help lifting something he just walks by or if you need to put something away he wont help. i want a manager that is respectful and honest and is a hard worker instead of someone that probably looks at *** behind is desk.

he doesnt know how to run a store or even probably run his wife. all the managers break the safety rules, only associates that work in the warhouse can stay in the warehouse unless you are wearing the proper safety equipment (steel toed boots and a backbelt) i get yelled at all the time why im not wearing a backbelt and hes in the warhouse not wearing steel toed boots. i feel for his safety but maybe he should get fired for breaking the rules if he get hurt someones going to ask him if he was wearing steel toed boots and i will make sure he says no.

also if they are running the picker they never wear a harness which is a serious safety hazard you could fall and seriously hurt yourself, i want to learn from someone that can follow a simple rule of common sense. we have a lot of things that need to be fixed its like we are the bottom of the food chain nothing gets done and we get blamed for all the things salespeople do and its their fault, like i said if things dont get changed fast im going to bring this company down with complaints left and right.

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After reading the previous post for the Sioux Falls Sears store~ I think it needs to be cleared up...

Gary Ramse was the pissy manager that could not control his wife, used obnoxious language and had a bad attitude. Did it when the mgr.

was not around.

Myron Brandnor is the the other one that let everything slide by. He didn't want to lift a finger unless it was to his favor.

These 2 are the ones that should be worried.


Brad Johnson out of KC is the worst Sears employee!

He is a big wig with a huge attitude that plays dirty!!

He is not liked by any one employee. People like him won't last.

Good luck Brad Johnson!


Let's get her name right - TRACEY DANNELLEY - Most disliked person in the history of SEARS! There have been lots of posts and it is about time that we can finally say, WE hope and pray that she does NOT come back from her so called medical leave.

Constant lies and laziness NEEDS to go away. Her and Adrienne both, she can go away too!

We will all fixed Tracey's mess she has created, but going on we will NOT tolerate her disrespect for us. Softlines team from SIOUX FALLS SD.


Oh My God... yeah right, tracy and adrienne are the WORST mgmt team ever in the history of sears, tracy doesnt have a clue on how to run the dept.

HA!!! She is the laziest person we have ever seen. Sits on her *** all the time, acting like she is working hard,especially when the Big Boss isn't around.

We are employees of this SIOUX FALLS store and we hate working with Tracy but we were here first and we are not leaving!! Like someone else, she only thinks of herself and cheats the system.


first of all you don't know what the *** you are talking about homedoggy. tracey and adrienne are the best management OF SEARS ever, they have turned their departments around and ROCK THE FLOOR.


So homedoggz you think you have it bad I also work in that sears store and you should have to work with Tracy Donelly! She is constantly bad mouthing other employees, she always is bossy, grouchy and thinks she is the only one who gets anything done.

Tracy never gives us any respect and oh I really think that she thinks she can do anything she wants since she is always sitting in her office messing around. When we ask for help she will say you need to figure it out.

A lot of us here at sears that work hard cannot figure out why she is in charge. The manager is a great guy to work for, however, NOT her and some of us might need to leave cause the only one tracy likes is Adrenne and herself.

Other than than I love sears!!!!!!!!!!


HOMEDOGG sounds like you are the one with the problems. Get the *** out of SEARS if you dont like it.

You have your people mixed up, DENNY WOOLHEATER is not that guy, he is a great mgr. that does lead his team, he does not curse at his employees and he is the one that makes sure all heavy lifting in done right.

MOVE on, go to college so you can grow up! Oh and good luck getting hired with an attitude like that.


Workers cannot be disciplined for social-network posts because their comments are protected under the 1935 National Labor Relations Act, which lets employees discuss working conditions. They cannoy be demoted, terminated or discriminated against and if they are should seek legal counceling.


thank you former manager, im putting my two weeks in soon mostly cuz im going to college, but im never going to shop there ever again after seeing what ive seen in the past year ive worked there its sickening to see what sales associates would do just for 6 percent commission lying and disrespecting customers


I was one of the manager that followed the rules, safety and the ISO procedures put in place. The above statements are true, thats why I left, so many other managers would not follow the rules, just made the regular associates follow them and if they didnt used it as as excuse to write them up and fire them.

If they complained to ethics about the manager not following the rules the complaint went right to to head manager of your department who addressed it and he was one of the ones not following the rules. A know win sitution. Read former tech managers complaint on this site from Sept,3 2008, its all true.

Sears/ Kmart and A+E Factory service is not worth the time of day. They dont manufacther anything but fustration so you can get your products anywhere else.


I hate shopping at Sears. It used to be a great store but after the problems with a 3 year old top of the line dishwasher I won't go back to Sears for anything over $20.

They wouldn't honor the warranty on the rusty racks and told me that was a Kenmore warranty, not Sears.


14 phone calls and transfers, most to Asia and I finally got a lady in Texas who gave a *** and sent me the racks. No more Sears for me.