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Hi, yesterday I went to Sears and bought 3 bras (1 leopard print bra, 1 black bra, and one purple). One of them (the leopard print one) had no tag, so the cashier told me to grab the same bra in a different size so that she could scan the product. I went and brought her a different size so she could. In total the order came up to just over $80.00 but I got $20 off because of the %30 off deal.

When I got home, I tried on the BLACK bra. I noticed it felt tight and uncomfortable, so I took it off, put it back in the bag with the receipt and left it until today. I went back to Sears, and went looking for bras that would fit. I noticed a ton of the bras were mislabeled. I picked out 3 of the same style bra (same as the black one I previously bought), and then went to customer service to return them. A lady came up to help me, she didn't say hi or ask how I was, which I thought was a bit odd because the people working at Sears have always been friendly, and she just did not look happy. I told her what happened, and I asked if I could exchange the bras. She looked through the bras I was trying to return, and before even looking at the receipt she said she had to call the manager, which again, I thought was odd. The manager came and very rudely said she couldn't exchange them, so I asked why, and she told me that the leopard print bra had no tag on it, and that it had spotting on it. I never tried on that bra, and then I thought, why would the cashier from yesterday sell it to me if she wasn't allowed to? So I told her that the only one I tried on was the black one, and she told me there was a return policy and that I couldn't return bras. She asked me to read the return policy stand that was set up, so I read it and it said absolutely NOTHING about not being able to return bras. I left extremely angrily, because I just spent $60 on bras I can't wear. I also forgot my receipt at the customer service desk. When I got home, I checked the online store policy as well just to be sure, and sure enough, there was NO policy on returning bras.

So basically, I tried on one bra, and tried to exchange them all within 20 hours of me buying them, and they turned me down completely. I think it was completely unfair for the manager and customer service lady to be so rude, AND to lie right to my face about a store return policy. I wanted an exchange, but now I just want my money back.

Sarah M

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cashier.

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Good luck all they do not stand behind anything they sell... period...


I had a problem at sears and I have never been back 10 years ago!!!!! I went to sears and they had rude people working and sears had outside sails people bothering me while shopping trying to sell me new gutters for my house and another trying to sell me a new air ***.

for my house.

I dont like to be bothered while shopping.I will die before going to sears they pissed me off so bad when I told them to not bother me. Go broke sears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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