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I went to the Sears Optical office located in Manchester, NH on August 1st, 2007 for a routine contact lens examination. I had a horrible experience and it has proved to follow me even after my departure.

I was more that early for my scheduled appointment and yet I was a half hour late in starting my exam. This was due to fighting with the less than helpful and bordering on rude receptionist about my benefits. I work as an employee for my insurance company and had to beg and plead for her to verify my benefits instead of just telling me it was “not covered”. Finally she did only after I made a scene in front of other customers.

The insurance company confirmed with the woman that indeed, I was telling the truth. She was so mad she hung up on the insurance company and swore. After the visit she advised me all but $40 was covered and that she could not release my prescription or the contacts when they came in until I paid the difference. I did not agree but instead told her I would have to come back with the money.

When I came back later the next week she gave me my contacts. I asked if I could have a paper prescription and she said the doctor was not in and would have to have him mail me one. I never received it and now I’m being billed for the $40 I already paid! I even mailed them my bank statement showing proof of payment with the first bill they sent me in error as she did not give me a receipt.

They continue billing me and they now tell me that they are going to charge me another $40 in fees to transfer my account to a collections agency.

Absolutely horrid. I would absolutely not recommend!

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Hollandale, Mississippi, United States #4139

Ok first of all. Know what your insurance will pay and won't pay before you head to the office. When you call for the appointment give them your insurance information and then ask them to call you back with how much you will be expected to pay. Insurance will not cover 100% for conlact lens. Most insurance provieders feel that CL are cosmetic ( ie your too vain to wear glasses)

Next you should not have left without a paid recipet. Is it noted on your file? Call and speak to the manager. Give her the date you paid for items. Ask her to look over her books for that day. Is the money missing? I doubt it. How did you pay cash? Bad not good no paper trail. Do you have a paper trail? Make a copy and send it to the store.

Next some states will not allow a CL Rx to be given to the patient. Check your state law. Then before you sit in the doctors chair ask him what his policy is. Tell him you expect to leave today with an RX in hand. He is the one to hand it to you. Remember this is something that you are putting into your eye. If it is not fitter correctley you could end up in a heap of trouble. WIth a lot more medical bills.

Sears is operated by Cole Vision Corp. In Ohio. Google them. Then send a letter to the consumer complaint division at the Corp offices. Ask that someone there get back to you with a solution to this problem. Make sure you keep your letter short, and not personal. Use names and dates. Be very specific. If they do send you to collections and you prove them wrong for doing so let them know that, you hold them responsible for getting you off the credit reporting system with the the Big 3. Than includes all fees assoicated with that. You will need written prof. Don't take anyone at their word. Once you have a bad mark on your credit histroy it is vey hard to get it removed.

Good LUck

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