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Dear Sears customer service,

I am writing to let you know that we are long standing customers of Sears, and have spent a lot of money with Sears, On Feb 20th 2016 we purchased a washer and dryer for $2399.86 + $140.00 delivery/installation fee.Sears Hometown Store, Gallatin Valley Mall, Bozeman, MT 59718.

When the washer and dryer where delivered the delivery “men” said they where all done and the paperwork was left on the dryer. hum.. after they left we went to look at the new appliances and to our dismay there was a huge dent (covered by the paperwork)

in the dryer. We called The Bozeman Sears and told them about our Problem. They said they would get back to us. After some time , they did call back. The woman i talked to said we need to send pictures.. so I did. and then after some time

she called back and said they would replace the dryer. Okay that was great. But then when the came to deliver the new dryer, they did not follow instructions to call me so i could meet them at the house. Luckily our Contractor was there to let them in.

It was the same delivery “men" and the first thing one of them said was “WE DIDNT DENT THE DRYER IN THE FIRST PLACE”(really wow, I am 55 years old and a respected business man for 35 years and i do not appreciate being called a liar by the delivery person! So they replaced the dryer and we went to use it about a week later.. and i noticed the floor (brand new reclaimed wood floor) was wet from under the dryer. I called Sears and told them of the situation with the dryer. The person”Todd said ,the clamp probably just came off its easy to put back on”! While trying to look and see if the vent was hooked up, the dryer got dented AGAIN!!! So i got the dryer pulled out the vent was NOT hooked up Not even a clamp. We are in a very remote area, i had to drive 60 miles to buy a clamp and tools to install the dryer.So i called Sears told them of the problem, and sent pictures of the vent and NO clamp. we waited all day for a return call, no call i emailed them,stating i was going to contact Sears National Customer Service Relations. well that got me a call back immediately, They asked if I wanted a new dryer, i said that your delivery men are never allowed on my property again, they seem to have a personal problem with us!!! So The Sears person “TODD” said he’d call back, it took like 2 weeks and another email to get a call back. So after talking with Todd he said would send a refund of $130.00 not even the whole amount of the delivery/install fee, but whatever, I am so frustrated at this point just want to never deal with The Bozeman Sears again. That was May 28th.. still nothing.

I hope that someone in charge of the Sears stores will look into this. we have been Sears customers for over 30 years.

Thank you, Dennis Dedman

Po box 124

Ennis, Mt 59729


Product or Service Mentioned: Dryer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sears Cons: Any thing about hte last purchase, Not returning my phone calls.

  • Insulting Manager
  • Lack Of Commnication
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