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On Memorial Day, I went into the Northwest Plaza Sears store, in Saint Louis, MO to purchase a new range and a microwave with a exhaust hood. I used the online kiosk in the Hardware department to access my Wish List from As I attempted to leave the Hardware department to go to the Appliances department, I was stopped by a sales associate from the Hardware department who insisted that he ring out my sale.

I had been in the store a month previous with my mother to purchase a new range and a microwave for her home and the transaction, delivery and installation went smoothly. I wanted to deal with the same person who had done my mother's transaction but, against my better judgement, I let the Hardware associate handle it.

What happened next is that the Hardware associate rang me out but neglected to set up the delivery of the items. He assumed that I would be taking the items with me. He did not realize this until I asked him, "So, where is my delivery paperwork?" I asked him this because my mother left Sears with a folder and instructions on how the delivery and installation would take place. So, the Hardware associate then voided the transaction.

It is at this point I should stress that the card that I use is not a credit card but a debit card connected to my money market account.

The Hardware associate then re-rang the items and did not arrange for the delivery again. So, he voided the items a second time. He then went to check with his manager about the proper paperwork, came back and re-rang the items a third time. On the third time, he arranged the delivery of the range correctly but, the microwave was a special order so, the installation and delivery of that item was messed up. He voided out the microwave, checked again with his manager and then, re-rang it again.

At then end of this, I walked out of Sears with several reciepts and one delivery order.

Everything was scheduled for delivery on Friday of the same week as Memorial Day.

The range showed up and was installed just fine. Not the story for the microwave.

The installer called me from the distribution center where the microwave was to be picked up. The distribution center said to the installer that they had no microwave for him and that the order had been cancelled. I said to the installer that I understood and that I was sorry for his trouble.

I then attempted to get a refund for the microwave and the installation charges.

For several days, I went around and around with Customer Service to no avail. I finally had to go into the store and speak to the manager of the Appliances department who said he would take care of it. I gave him copies of my reciepts and papers. He called me later on that day and let me know that there was going to be a waiting period of 10 - 15 business days before I would see my refund.

I waited. The days passed and my money was not refunded.

I finally got a hold of the store manager who explained to me that he spoke with the Appliance manager, had the details and explained that the installer told him that I had the microwave, that the installer saw the box at my house. I told the store manager that he was lying. The store manager told me that he has to continue to investigate.

The $725.xx refund is stil not in my account, as of 06/26/2008.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $725.

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Edinburg, Virginia, United States #24242

I hope you are notified of comments to your complaint. FIRST OFF, CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND TELL THEM YOU ARE CONTESTING THE CHARGE AND HAVE THEM REMOVE IT....NOW, was the "installer" who went to the distribution center the same one who installed your stove? If it is the same one, why didn't he just install the microwave while he was there (since he saw the box, he said) #2) did YOU talk to the distribution center yourself? How do you know the installer was telling the truth? Maybe that installer picked up and stole the microwave.

I'm trying to understand if there are two different installers here and if so which one went to the distribution center...If it was a different person, he probably was never at your house to "see the box" - If it was the same person and he saw the box, why did he go to the distribution center and then tell you the order had been cancelled. If he really went there and they told him the order was cancelled, why won't he back that up?BECAUSE HE RIPPED YOU OFF!! and he doesn't want to get caught -

Since when do corporations investigations rely on a statement from a contract worker "i saw a microwave box" Even if you had one, how would he know it was the same one in question?

CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND INSURANCE FOR YOUR STATE AND FILE A COMPLAINT. Also, call the store manager and tell him you think #1) the guy who rang and re-rang your orders got it so screwed up that the distribution center cancelled the order because they didn't know what else to do or #2) your microwave has been stolen by the installer and you are going to call the police. Be confident and agressive. GOOD LUCK. I wish I could find out what happened.

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