Customer buys from “salesman” Kenmore Wall Oven. “Delivery” schedules installer and delivery of oven. Wall oven arrives broken, “installer” installs anyway and removes working oven (Bosch). “Sales manager” authorizes new Kenmore oven for delivery, “customer service” schedules pick-up—expects customer to remove from wall. New wall oven arrives. “Installer” arrives and identifies that it too is broken. “Store manager” authorizes new model wall oven (Kitchenaid) at no additional costs. Seven days pass, customer calls “Customer service” they have no record to schedule delivery. Escalated to “customer solutions” to schedule pick-up of broken oven, delivery of new oven and “installation.” “Customer Solutions” schedules “delivery” and “installation.” Price differential waiver not recognized, demands additional payment. Customer cancels order. Customer requests refund. Seven to ten days to process.

Social Media perspective: Pass it along – SEARS SUCKS.

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why did you let them install a broken oven?


Just discovering this now? There hasn't been Sears & Roebuck for 10 years now.

It's run by a hedge fund manager with a hedge fund mentality who fragmented the company so much they are nothing but pieces of the once great companies called Sears Roebuck & Co and Kmart.

This is why the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing along with the use of a large amount of subsidiaries and contractors. The manager either didn't re ring the sale correctly or there are sub contractors in the picture which don't always make Sears computer records.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #883537

You just laid out a typical everyday problem with the company very succinctly. Too many departments, lost information, no unity of resolution and service. A totally bureaucratic nightmare where the customer loses.

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