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On your latest trip to Sears did the cashier point out a website on the bottom of your receipt? I am wiling to bet they did.

We are all required to do that without question. But here is the kicker. We are only allowed to do that for the customers we feel we made a strong connection with. We use to mention it to you all but now we are told to descriminate agaisnt you unless you spend alot of money in our store.

I refuse to discriminate any of my customers and let everyone know they have a shot at a 4000 gift card by answering a short survery online. I have been written up twice for this and I am on the *** of losing employment after 4 yrs of service. You know the main reason why? Because if our store manager has too many complaints filled out in the verbatim section they get chewed out by their hire ups.

So we are told to discriminate against you unless you open your wallets big time. Ask your cashier the next time you visit sears about this illegal practice.

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Purchased windows from Sears in November/December 2011. The patio door was made backwards.

it is now February 2012 and I still do not have my patio door. Was finally called to schedule an appointment to have my patio door installed and was stood up. Sears has not bothered to call and apologize or offer anything for my inconvenience. the person selling the windows couldn't bother to charge his own phone and needed mine.

I have a cell only and pay for landline to cell minutes. this man cost me 200 dollars on my cell phone. All I got was a gift certificate, no patio door and a 200 dollar phone bill oh yeah and told there was no-one I could contact with my complain so I needed to just take it. It is now February 20, 2012 still no patio door and no call from Sears.

What I would like to know is, what is Sears going to do for me and my inconvenience. A in store gift card at this point would be a bigger insult.I am not a satisfied customer


I would like someone with a lot of authority to contact me about a big problem at least it seems to me it is. My phone # is 602-992-7324


I too work at Sears. In our store you will be written up if you're caught not telling the customers about the survey.

A customer is a customer whether they spend $5 or $5000. Shame on the store for putting that limitation on their associates.

If it were me being written up for their descriminations you can bet that it would not happen for too long. Good luck.


you guys are doing good :) ;) :p


to BReich81 You must have trouble reading because the one who first wrote the post. did not say he complains to the customers and tell them to write a negative complaint about the company.

or service he/she received.

he stated that the POLICY of the store states to only tell the people who spent a lot of money at the store so that if they do complain about the store atleast they spent money to make it worth the complaint. he or she has been written up in the past for telling people WHO DO NOT SPENT A LOT OF MONEY about the survey.


I am also a worker at Sears...Well... customers can and WILL file complaints if they have less than adequate service.

And why would you WANT to ask them to review you if you didn't give them the customer service they deserve? Of course you're getting written up! You signed away your right of open opinion in the store when you got hired. You are supposed to positively represent the corporation while in the public eye.

If you have a problem file a personal complaint with 88sears and not act as a vigil anti and tell the customers what YOU don't like about the company. That's just completely unprofessional. And if you keep it up, I hope they do fire you because you completely misrepresent the corporation. I also have my feelings about Sears that aren't exactly good, but I don't go telling the customer about it.

They are a kind of crooked corporation, but so is every big corporation! So, deal with it.

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