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I bought a refrigerator about 2 years ago, french doors, ice and water thru door, freezer on bottom. Service men have been out 12 times each time charginging someone close to three hundred dollars per visit.

I paid 1100 dollars I believe on Black Friday. I had purchased their service agreement. Only to find out that either they don’t know how to repair the refrigerator or they are dishonest and pretending that it is fixed each time. They now tell me they will give 500 dollars towards a new refrigerator.

My refrigerator is only about 2 years old and now probably sells for 1500 or 2,000 because it is not Black Friday and am being told that I have to pay the difference. Each time they have come out I have to stay home and wait they order parts and take most of them back. Then I have to wait for them to reorder parts and come back again. I even found that one of the techs threw the part out that is the new part that was ordered.

Sears is doing badly because this has to be corrupt.

They definitely are not the company they were years ago. By the way my refrigerator is still not repaired.

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We are having the exact same problems with repairs on our 2 year old Kenmore Elit refrigerator. They come out, never have the part.

We wait 1-2 weeks to have someone come out to diagnose only to wait another 1-2 weeks for the repairs. We are on our 5th repair in 3 months. Yes, normal companies will replace defective products. Not Sears.

It's no wonder they're going down.

If they do survive, they will never get another penny from us. But at this rate they are just digging their grave faster and they don't really care.

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