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To all folks who see this....there is no such store as SEARS anymore and this includes all such other banners which SEARS managed under the SEARS-ROEBUCK operation.

KMART under a host of banners, now owns and operates everything that was once SEARS, and this includes all stores within North America, Central & South America, the Czeck Republic and into Europe and a few banners in Australia.

Under the new ownership KMART also known under a variety if banners are Financial Institutions, Gulf Oil, LA-ZY BOY, JENNIFERS, TARGET, RED APPLE and this list is almost endless, you can do a search online to get mind blown as to how many different silent banners are being used to replace the name SEARS, though, most of this is a major cover-up opportunity by KMART......KMART is not a stealth operation and they'll suck every ounce of blood from the consumers.

The SEARS tower in Chicago was sold to the WILLIS operation from London, England and this icon is to be re-clad so this icon will become known as WILLIS. The end of SEARS was 2006, though, SEARS operated under bankruptcy protection after they bought EATONS OF CANADA.

SEARS was in so much financial ruin - KMART was allowed to take them over, though, SEARS was an American owned company all along.

Educate yourselves folks and DO NOT buy KENMORE as this is the *** line product. Also, remember what was once honored by SEARS no longer applies. Under the new banner KMART - it is all BUYER BEWARE!

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Folks, do some research before you throw darts. SEARS is not "owned by KMART" Sears and KMART are owned by Sears Holdings, chaired by Eddie Lampert.

Eddie "happened" to buy Kmart before he bought Sears, so now everything thinks "Kmart bought Sears" it's just not the case...

Lands End was also sold to Sears Holdings on 2001 by it's former private owner, Gary Comer.

I worked at Lands' End in a management role for 5 years after the sale to Sears Holdings, and I can tell you for certain, that although Sears Holdings owns Lands' End, Lands End operates autonomously from it's parent company and still employs the same designers, technically designers etc, as well as still has it's own corporate campus. It's not just Sears and Kmart clothing with a Lands' End label thrown on it.

Lands' End is it's own brand, having clothing made for them from thread to delivery.


I agree Sears has declined under KMART. Their goods and customer servive are inferior to what they once were.

Their warranties are not being honored because they don't care about the customer any more. It won't be long before Sears is out of business because of poor customer service.


I agree with your letter 100% Sears is owned by KMART now, and I have notice the steady decline in the Sears reputation since they took over. Sears warraties on all their goods and services are no longer being honored. KMART just may be to blame as you have stated.


Guess what -- Lands End (which used to be a high quality brand) is now sears (read Kmart) and quality has vanished