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• I’ve tried for 3 days to order a dryer that I saw in the local store online because I hadn’t quite made up my mine while I was there and was told I could order online – though its crazy I could use a Visa card online but not if I called back to my local store to order – how much sense does that make!!!

• Ok – I try to order online – set up an account and everything. Then every time I get to check out the site gives me an error:

o An error occurred while processing your request.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will work to correct the problem.

• So then I call the customer service number – 40 minutes on hold – the agent tries to order for me and she can’t because it keeps trying to add a washer – it did that to me too but I just put 0 in the filed for the washer and update – when she tried it kicked her out

• What good is a site that you supposedly can order online when neither I or your agents can get it to work?

• What sense is it to allow me to use a Visa card in store or supposedly online but if I want to order over the phone with the store I can only use a Sears card? Do you really want to sell products? THIS IS CRAZY!!!

I’m wondering if I should have just went somewhere else!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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Consider it a gift that you were not allowed to buy anything. Hope you didn't buy anything

Actually go to the store and give them your money. Once they have it, you are sunk.


They do not accept Visa, Mastercard etc. over the phone at your local Sears store to help prevent fradulent credit card purchases. FYI