I order some products online with Sears and they did not have available one of the products. I have been calling them and sending email to get refund and They have just refund me partially after almost one monthof the order and after they cancelled themselves.

The Sears online shopping is the worst I have had and I want other consumers to know this. I am so very pissed at them for the waist of time and delay in this issue.

The service is so disorganized that they don't clearly know what is really going on and they take forever to resolve the issue. They were really fast taking the money, but really slow to resolve the problem.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I received a similar message from Dianne D with SearsCares. After reading a few more complaints, I noticed that most have received the same "generic" message from SearsCares.

I'm just wondering if anyone ever got their issue resolved through this "single point of contact" or is this more proof that Sears will lie and ignore their customers?

Just wondering...


Dear Anonymous,

My name is Stephanie L. and I am with the Sears Social Media Escalations team and I have just read your post. We would first like to apologize for any frustrations that you have encountered with your online experience. We do appreciate you as a customer, and would like the opportunity to further speak with you concerning your experience so that we can better understand what transpired, and to also look further into this on your behalf. At your convenience please contact our office via email at smsupport@searshc.com and a “dedicated” case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the item was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name “Anonymous / 309614” you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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