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Think twice about buying "any" product from SEARS. SEARS sales people will tell you how wonderful the MASTER Repair AGREEMENT is and once you purchase the agreement you are at SEARS's mercy.

SEARS is the only one benefiting from their WONDERFUL MASTER Repair AGREEMENT because you have prepaid for services they render at their convenience not yours. 1st you schedule service a week from the day you call for service. Then if you miss the technician's call on the day of service you are just out of luck. Since SEARS seems to be cutting back on employees, once you have scheduled an appointment you only have a 50% guarantee a technician will make it to your home.

If the technician is over booked or calls in sick, your service is pushed back to the next available day, as if you never made the original appointment. If a technician do make it to your home then they have to order a part that takes a "few" days to be delivered (and you must trust that the technician has ordered the right part if not you start all over), then you wait another week for the technician to come back. So it can take up to 4 weeks for your product to be serviced and if you just payout of pocket for another company to service the product you then have voided your service agreement with SEARS. Basically SEARS is trying to run down your service agreement contact.

Then a few months before it time to renew the agreement you will start getting calls from some perky sales person telling you how wonderful the MASTER Repair AGREEMENT is to have on your products.

But make sure you ADD up how much it can cost you to take your laundry to a laundry mat for 4 weeks or being without central air in AUGUST or heating in JANUARY for 4 weeks or without a working refrigerator for 4 weeks, before you give them your credit card number. - Dummpline

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yep sears make's there own products!

come on people get a life. they sell them not make them blame the company's that make them......I work for sears if I no of a product that has a bad reviews i tell the cust not to buy it...