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Thinking of buying a high end Whirpool product at Sears? Be careful .......

I will let you know how things go with my problem - Will be on Twitter and several other sites. I was on the phone yesterday with a supervisor from Sears, loosing a lot of my time and temper with this. Here is my story - Bought a Kenmore Elite dishwasher - Made by Whirpool for Sears and it was sold to me as a high end product. Paid over 1000$ for 2 years usage and I just sent an E-mail to both companies.

The electronics on my product never worked very well. They have already changed the board once now they are charging another 80$ just to see what needs to be done to get it working properly. Hope it's not another board because the cost will increase fast! .......

The product was garanteed for 2 years, how funny that only a few months later it breaks down again. The worst part is that the board was changed about a year ago and I have now started to have the same problems again - (first problems started 3 months after purchase and service call was made) now lets make something clear, this is normal residential use. My opinion, sears tells you they have good service, think again buy elswere....

Costco is a very good choice because they make sure you are fully satisfied. Will give Whirpool a chance to react and will let you all know how they manage this situation.

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