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The Lawn Tractor I purchased from Sears never performed well. They sent out service but one thing or another continued to work poorly.

I finally went and bought a push mower at Home Depot just so i could mow my lawn. My yard is big and with the heat i decided i had to get the tractor in good shape. Service came out and did a basic tune up and leveled the deck, which has never been right. They charged $175.

The mower then would start, run a few minutes, and die. I called them back out and he did some work on the carburetor and said to add some gas detergent. It was covered by the 90 day warranty from the previous service so there was no charge. Unfortunately, there was also no change.

The mower will not run. It was a wasted $1,000. My push mower still runs well though.

Unfortunately, this is par for the course. I'm kicking the Sears habit.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I'm kicking the sears habit too. I'm buying from someone that believes in service after the sale....

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