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Sears came to fix my stove top. They come one day to check out the problem, order parts, then came back to fix the problem.

When he was here the first time he gave me a receipt for what everything would cost minus the amount I needed to pay that day. Everything was going pretty well when the service man came back, but he also brought another service man with him. When He gave me my bill, I noticed it was twice the amount I had to pay yet. I showed him the bill he gave me before & showed him I only owed this amount.

This is when it got nasty! He stated that he never gave that receipt to me. I Just laughed & said what do you think I made this up myself? He got very nasty to me, I am thankful my husband was there & came into the kitchen to see WHAT was going on.

Here they tried to charge me for 2 service men even though I only needed the one! I did not agree to have another service man just come along! The other guy just stood there watching & left before the job was done anyway. What is this all about?

Did the other guy need more hours?

I wonder how many people would have just paid the larger bill without knowing or too shy to ask? Just be aware & keep all the receipts, don't be afraid to question them!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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