Ordered a cabinet by phone, drawers pulled out and unfolded into little tables. Gave Sears card number. Got a letter five weeks later saying card had been cancelled due to lack of use.

They could have phoned me back and asked for my Visa card number. They closed my account without telling me. The letter added just go to the nearest store and apply for another card.

But my heart was broken. I really wanted that little cabinet.

It was not an in-store item, it could only be ordered on the phone, and only during a certain time limit.

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Mississauga Valley, Ontario, Canada #73023

the credit card services put me on check systems until I got it removed with steven sears attorney at sears holdings corporations hoffman estates Illinois.

Scholkine, Krym, Ukraine #64733

This happened to me with my Sears Mastercard i had for over 15 years!! The sorry place cancelled mine without even telling me!!

i will never shop sears again....i will spread the news on all blogs to Boycott SEARS

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