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Great idea to have a shopping portal to sell sears, kmart and partner products.BUT when they then have software systems that don't integrate with their partners and don't appear to have any clout with their vendors and partners any different than the consumer calling in on an 800#, it is a bad thing and no wonder they are having financial problems.

May have been our bad for thinking we could order a bed frame from an online vendor, but they had free shipping and it was what we were looking for. So their order system said it would be delivered in 10 days. We received 1 confirmation email that it had been ordered and would get another when it was to be shipped so we could prepare for delivery. I had the date on my calendar, went in 2 days before to look for email indicating shipment..

nothing. Logged into my account and again nothing... still said pending. Sent an online question form to the customer service and got an acknowledgement that it was received but no response.

Next day, log in again to see status and see there is a tracking # even though the system says it hasn't shipped yet, just scheduled to be picked up. Call into UPS to find out the status and they say they tried to deliver a week prior but the address had an error and it was scheduled to be returned. So we jump on that and get it rerouted, only to find out once it was delivered that there was supposed to be 2 boxes...only 1 98lb box was delivered. When we called back to see if this was all there was we discovered there was a second box, with its own tracking # but it was in the comments section of the one we were tracking that had been in the Sears order record.

The second 118 lb box has been sent to lost and found and since no one had called in about it in 10 days (label had been torn and UPS couldn't make out where it was supposed to go and expected someone to call and ask about it...) Keep in mind, Sears had one tracking #, and apparently there was 2 tracking #s, one for each box. Sears didn't even know this when we finally reached someone in customer service when we tried to get them to just send the box back so we would have our full purchase. So every 3 days I would call to see if they had a status on locating the box to send it back or go ahead and give me authorization to ship the 98 lb box back to get a credit. And every time, I had to explain again to the person on the phone what the situation was because they would not document it or the action taken by the prior agent, then they would tell me they would email the vendor (mind you it was Home Depot) and they would contact me in 48 hours.

On the third day with no word from them, I would call again. This went on for 3 weeks with them not being able to locate the other box, or get authorization to give me a shipping authorization, or to get a credit. I disputed the charge with my bank and got the temporary refund. Finally, after I wrote a letter to every exec I could find contact info on and complained on social media, and emailed them the exec letter....

We got action... but then again...incompetence at its best. They dispatch UPS out without telling us, and they gave the same bad information on location that created part of the problem to begin with. So UPS came and went, and we wondered what happened.

They used the old tracking # so customer service thought it had been returned. Irony is that when they first set it up, they suggested we put the 98lb box outside....would have been nice ot have that that box in the elements for 2 weeks. Another time we called back, she said just bring it back to the store....haha...I laughed and asked her if that really was her solution. Another 2 weeks go by of explaining they needed to use a new address and give us the new tracking # so we could get arrange for the box to be picked up.

Finally it was resolved and the coffin sized 98 lb box was out of the middle of the living room.

And then they went about trying to figure out if they needed to credit me, how to credit me....

This person wrote the review because of problem with delivery of ups delivery service from Sears. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $500 and wants Sears to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of communication, errors in their processing, lack of ownership to fix problem and lack of empathy to resolve. Author liked the most that they had the product i as looking for and free shipping. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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