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This past spring I bought a Craftsman 26-inch tool chest rolling bottom, middle, and top. When I went to assemble the units, it was the case that the screws needed to mount the casters to the bottom cabinet were not included.

I called Sears (1-800-349-4358) and was told that Sears could not send me these 16 screws and that I have to go buy them myself. A supervisor amended that to a $10 credit and then a $21 credit so I could go buy the screws myself. I was shocked. Even toy manufacturers understand hardware sometimes is missing, and send replacement hardware.

Seriously, Sears can't back up their product enough to send 16 cheap screws? Even Lowes and Home Depot near us don't carry this particular size screw, so it took some time to find them. I figure that, with the phone call and searching, I have hours of my time and $12 in expenditures put out to replace these screws that Sears should have simply sent, as the error was theirs. That all adds up to a lot more value than a $21 credit.

I am at an end with Craftsman / Sears. It's really sad what they've become.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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