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On August 1st I was washing some sheets. The machine became unbalanced and instead of turning itself off, exploded, took out part of the wall, took out the dryer next to it. It literally blew it's top off. Many friends describe it as looking like someone dropped a grenade in it and shut the lid. Obviously this was a terrifying experience and I am so grateful that no one was near the room when it happened. I fear what would have happened had my dog or even worse one of my children gone to investigate! On August 2nd I started calling Sears customer service. I spent 4 hours on the phone that day and ended up in tears more than once. I even had one lady hang up on me. I had done the research online and found that this machine was under recall for exactly this problem but I was told 20 or 30 times by service representatives that "unfortunately" (yeah right) my exact machine was not a part of the recall and that they would schedule an appointment, but made it VERY clear that I would be paying for the visit and for any repairs made to the machine. I told them repeatedly that there are NO repairs that can be made. It was a horrible horrible day. I was sent to no fewer than 5 different phone numbers and not one of them would help. I actually ended up getting the correct number from LG's Recall Service who had a specific number for my washer and it's recall. They finally gave me a number that (kind of) worked and I was able to set up an appointment for the following day and I was told that there would be no charge. I was told that the technician just needed to verify the information and then we would go forward from there.

The following day a very kind tech from A&E showed up, took one look at my machine and said, "I can't repair this, there's nothing to repair, the machine exploded!" He took pictures because he had only seen this kind of thing in training (when training for machines that were under RECALL!) and to share with his service manager. And then gave me another number to call in order to have a Sears tech come out because only a Sears tech can make the call to replace a machine. I immediately made that call and was told that the first availability would be August 18th.

August 18th rolled around and the tech showed up in a foul mood. The entire Sears system seemed to be down so he wasn't able to do anything. He too, took one look at my machine and said this can't be repaired, it needs to be completely replaced. He also checked the dryer as a huge dent from the exploding washing machine has stopped the drum from spinning without hitting the side. He called his supervisor and she agreed but since the entire system was down, they couldn't even begin to file a report. (He also seemed to not know the first thing about what to do with a recalled washing machine). He told me that they would try to call the next day when the system was back up to reschedule... Great, I waited more than 2 weeks and now I had to reschedule?!? Johnny called again the next day to tell me that the system was still down and that the best thing for me would have to be that I call on my own to schedule a new appointment. Guess what number he gave me to call. The very first on my list of 6... I have called 3 numbers this morning, and after talking to extremely cold and rude people, an appointment was scheduled again for tomorrow. I asked the lady if she could please tell me whether it was a Sears tech because I had been told that only a sears tech could take care of this nightmare. She yelled at me and said that A&E IS a sears tech and that it didn't matter who came out, and began to hang up on me. I begged her to wait and please listen to my reason for needing an actual Sears tech and that I needed to know that I wasn't going to need to pay a tech. She again yelled at me and told me that they would "see me tomorrow" and ended the conversation. I have now been without a way to do my laundry for 24 days. It is a nightmare in the midst of our already insane life right now. What happened to the company we loved??? We have always bought all of our appliances from Sears (two sets of washers and dryers, two fridges, microwaves, etc...)

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: I want the washing machine replaced without further headache and the dryer either replaced or repaired. We will take care of the damage to the home. .

Sears Cons: Foreign customer service, Lack of professionalism of staff, Appointment, Company would not even acknowledge that there was a recall, Every aspect of the company since the incident.

  • Sears Recall
  • Exploding Washing Machine
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