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We took delivery of a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress purchased at our local Sears store and immediately noticed it had a chemical odor.  My wife refused to sleep on it and I proceeded to call the 1 800 FROM-*** number to try to resolve the problem.  I was told that I would have to use the mattress for 30 days before I could return it and that the smell would dissipate in about a week.  I was also told that unless the mattress was defective I would be charged a 15% restocking fee as well as a delivery charge for picking up the mattress.  

   After airing it out for a week I wrapped the mattress in waterproof cover to mitigate the remaining smell and tried to sleep on it (alone).  This was definitely NOT the same Mattress I lied on at the Sears store it was considerably harder, akin to lying on a carpeted floor.  After three hours I couldn't take it anymore, the pain in my back and shoulders forced me to head for the couch.  The next few nights were the same. At that point I went on amazon and ordered a 3" memory foam topper.  

   I looked around the internet a found that those who sold mattress's recommend "breaking a new mattress in" I was also told about the “break in” by the Sears people.  I went back to the Sears store to lie on the display model to confirm that it was different then the one in our bedroom. While at the store I was told that the display model was "broken in by all the people who come try out the mattresses and that it was only a matter of time before my mattress would be soft like the store model".  This Sears is in a mall that is clearly dying, in the 5 or so hours over several visits that we spent in the store we were the sole customers, all the salesperson's time was devoted to our bed sale.  I don't know who the people who broke in the beds were but they weren't around when we were there.  We only spent about 10 minutes on that particular mattress.  I concluded that the mattress in the store was defiantly not the same as the toxic torture rack that was in my bedroom.

  Finally the topper arrived and I was able to coax my wife into vacating the guest bedroom.  It has been almost a month, we have cornered the market on ibuprofen and constantly have the slight scent of formaldehyde/gasoline in the back of our sinus. The topper helped a little but this bed id still unbearable.  We went to change the sheets yesterday and a soon as the plastic cover came off the toxic fumes filled the room.  There are now body pod indentations with a ridge in the middle of the bed, it isn't going to get more "broken in".  

   I called 1 800 SCREWU number again insisting that this mattress was defective because of the toxic odor.  I was told that I could purchase another bed but would still have to pay the 15% restocking fee plus a charge to pick up the other mattress. 

  The bottom line is that Sears thinks it can bring you a sack of dung to sleep on and that you have to live with it for thirty days and then pay big to have endured the experience. 

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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