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I ordered over a month in advance to get a product for my child for Christmas. Called weeks later to ask where the product is - they act kerfuffled and go "oh no one called you" and apparently my order wasn't processed correctly and left hanging in the system.

And I was then informed it won't arrive for Christmas. Ok well that sucks. Fast forward several months. I tried ordering the same product through their site again for my child's birthday.

Delivery date comes and goes. I phone "ohh, no one phoned you?" They claimed they had my credit card number wrong. I checked my credit card through my online banking and the money was withdrawn by Sears. It was credited back to my card a week or so later for some reason..

but either way they obviously had the correct card and it went through. And mistakes happen but again NO ONE PHONED ME to tell me that. So another special occasion where the gift is not showing up. Thanks Sears.

The lady on the phone also tried patronizing me into a personal conversation to get my credit card number, though I kept politely saying I'm not interested anymore, and then she tries to humiliate me by saying she didn't mean to offend me and being overly personal and overbearing.

Seriously, unprofessional. What is this place now a days, a warehouse run by kids?

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