Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
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It is borderline offensive to not provide a more accurate time for a home appointment and beyond offensive that a customer who spent nearly $1800 for a riding mower in need of repair is not even provided with the most basic information of which number they are on the repair person's route. Taking advantage of a customer who contacts Sears instead of a local repair person is something that even the cable companies have stopped doing. Clearly Sears is not interested in making any adjustments whatsoever to remain competitive in today's shrinking consumer marketplace AND has absolutely no regard for the time that is wasted waiting around for them to grace you with their presence. It is unlikely that I will ever again purchase a high dollar item from a company that is unconcerned with the level of customer inconvenience that is created by its service offerings. Perhaps the worst part is that no one gives a ***. They see nothing wrong with their wasting your entire day. I wonder how they would react to this being done to them??

It is now almost 3PM and my repair tech, which was scheduled from between 8AM and Noon, has still not arrived. How can this company stay in business???????

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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WOW your days always go exactly as planned? I want to be you.

Because in my world @^$# happens, and I don't get to *** and complain, because I'm a grown up. And somewhere along the way I learned that sometimes things just don't go as planned. And you have to suck it up and take notice that you're just not that special.

Things happen to everybody even you, thats the rules of the game. Theres only one way to quit the game and that would be a silly over a service call don't you think?