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I wanted to save myself the time of driving all the way over to Sears to see if they have a part, so I picked up the phone to call them. I ended up at the "call center" where they were completely unhelpful.

They said I needed a model number of the part I wanted... isn't that what you're supposed to be for? If I knew the model I wouldn't have called to get help finding it.

The phone system is simply terrible. You have to wade through endless menus and that voice recognition software that we all know and hate.

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Sears Response

Were you able to take care of your part issue?

Spring, Texas, United States #817468

You obviously have never ordered a part for anything you don't go to autozone and say I need a part for my ford with out telling them what make and model it is you used to have these big *** books that showed all the models and parts so if you didn't know you could look it up by brand but now it's all online so it is difficult to find but you probably talked with some *** who had no idea how to work the system I know because I used to work there and I am the parts king wether you know the model number or not most employees are dumb and will not go the extra mile to help you just like autozone I have helped many customers find the parts they needed even giving up a chance at making a good commision on a sale I have found parts that the manager couldn't even find it's a little more work but many employees simy don't care or have no common sense I wish they would bring back the big books that makes it easier


You need the model number for the part you want! Are you really that clueless?

How on earth are they to know what you're talking about if you do not have the model number. You really do not understand how clueless you are do you? I highly suggest you go out right away and get a part time job at any of the following places; Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Sears and even Walmart.

You will quickly realize that if you have no information you can't help the person asking for help. It's your job as the consumer TO KNOW THE MODEL NUMBER, not the store.

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