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My boyfriend and I went into a local Sears store recently to lease a couple of items we needed for a move from our current home. We decided to use the lease program, not knowing that a prepaid debit card supposedly could not be used to make the lease agreement payments.

Throughout the transaction, another employee kept harassing the sales associate working on our lease agreement. Later on we found out that the other employee was the department manager, a rude and disrespectful supervisor who treated the associate like dirt right in front of us.

Needless to say, something went wrong during the transaction and almost $1200.00 (the price of the items plus a service plan and taxes) was taken off of my debit card to pay for a $197.00 down payment on a lease that would not go through anyway because it was a prepaid debit card. We were assured we would get our money back.

After the transaction was voided and we left the store with supposed proof that it had been voided, we stopped and did a balance check at an ATM. Not only had the transaction gone through, it took the entire $1200.00 which was the amount we were trying to lease instead of the $197.00 down payment amount.

We returned to the store to let them know that they had charged us the full lease amount instead of the down payment. After asking for the manager, we were greeted by the department manager who referred us back to the sales associate who had made the mistake. This is the same manager who had been harassing the sales associate earlier that day during the initial transaction.

The so-called managers put a $1200 mistake in the hands of the associate who had no idea how to remedy the situation or how she had made the mistake to begin with. I felt sorry for her because she seemed in distress about how to give us our money back when the transaction had already been voided on her end. She did what she was supposed to do as an associate, but was hung out to dry by the managers. The only thing she could do for us was call the leasing company who said it would take 24-48 hours to give us our money back.

Not being satisfied with this, I called Sears Holdings corporate office. After getting the run-around there I went off on the customer service agent telling him it was unacceptable that no one could tell me where our money was or how to get it back. He finally called the store where the transaction had occurred to get the full story of what had happened and how the mistake had been made. Of course he blamed the associate, saying she had missed a step in the process which caused the full amount of the lease to be taken out instead of the down payment. He stated it would be 24-48 hours before we got the money returned to us.

72 hours later we still did not have our money. After several calls to the store and to corporate we were told to go back to the store, that the manager would have to handle it.

At this point my boyfriend is having fits and demands that the manager call corporate with us there after he tells us that he doesn't know what is going on or what to do. Without any shame he asked "They told you to call me?" Yes, we said, you. He had the nerve to say that he wasn't able to call corporate.

My boyfriend pointed out that we had just been on the phone with them the last hour, and asked me what the numbers were. The store manager's reply was that corporate leaves at 6 pm and that he wouldn't be able to reach anyone at Help Solutions. My boyfriend told him again to get on the phone and call corporate after laying down the paper with every number for corporate that we had.

By then my boyfriend is at the point of really putting on a show in front of the whole store. He pointed at him and told him to call corporate because at that point we were not leaving without answers.

Magically, he was able to reach someone at corporate who could help him with this problem.

Basically what is going on is that Sears never told the bank that services my debit card that they did not need the money taken off my card. They never voided the transaction. So, my debit card provider is sitting on the money waiting to see if they are going to try and claim it. If they don't claim it, it is supposed to be returned.

In the mean time, I have bills to pay and I may or may not receive my money in seven to ten business days. At which point, if it is not returned to us, we will have to file a dispute just to get it back.

It's our money Sears, you dopes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Debit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Response to the issue, Poor followup, False promises, Lack of training.

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Resolved. Got my money back 7 days later.


Did you ever get money back?? We are still waiting for a refund for a pos ride on mower we got from sears.

to Anonymous #1162828

I am supposed to have it back on May 25th. I will post if I actually get it back.

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