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On Jan 29, I placed a dropship order with Sears online. As I submitted it, I realized it was not what I wanted to order.

I immediately tried to find how to cancel the order. It was already in processing and no cancel button available. I got on the chat line and was told they would send a stop to the warehouse and I would get an email within the hour. Three hours later, no email.

I called again and got the same story--another 2 page chat. I was told it was cancelled, but I could call UPS if it got there and have them send it back to Sears. The label got to UPS but they did not have the package yet. I tried again more forcefully to get it cancelled.

They said just refuse it, but I pointed out that I was not receiving it. Oh, just call the person and have them return it. I don't know the person and I do not feel they need to schlep down to UPS to return a package they did not order from me. Anytime I have received a wrong order, I am told to keep it by merchants or give it to charity.

I have never been asked to return it. I finally got the money back into my account and was told it was listed as lost and they did not expect it back. Leroy told me this. I have it on the chat.

This morning it was in transit so I called UPS to diver it. They said only Sears could do that. I called Sears and was told it was already done. I called UPS back and they said no record of it.

I called Sears back and two people said they would do it. One was a supervisor, Drake, who said she did it as well. Now tonight I get an email from Maria, the person who transferred me to Drake, addressed to the recipient of the package asking that he return it and his money would be refunded. I went in and Sears has changed the billing person from me to the recipient of the package.

Luckily they only have the address of the recipient and not the email or phone number. I cannot believe they can be allowed to change the billing name like that.

It seems against principles of decency. This whole operation has been very shady and I am thoroughly disgusted with Sears.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I have been refunded and package declared lost. Quit trying to get hold of the recipient of the package..

I didn't like: Lies.

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